Louisiana Contractor FAQ

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Q: What type of work requires a Louisiana Commercial Contracting License?

Projects with a value of $50,000 or more including labor and materials; general contractors must hire properly licensed subcontractors

  • Exceptions:
    • Electrical/Mechanical/Plumbing require a commercial license with the appropriate classification for projects exceeding $10,000 including labor and materials
    • Asbestos, Hazardous Waste, Lead-Based Paint Abatement/Removal, Underground Storage Tanks require a commercial license with the appropriate classification for projects with a value of $1.00 or more including labor and materials

Q: What type of work requires a Louisiana Residential Contracting License?

Projects where the labor and materials exceed $75,000 on any new single-family residential home, duplex, triplex or fourplex

  • Subcontractors/specialty trades for residential projects where the labor and materials exceed $7500 on any new single-family residential home, duplex, triplex or fourplex for the following specialty classifications:
Residential pile drivingResidential pile driving (Subcontract Labor Only)
Residential foundationsResidential foundations (Subcontract Labor Only)
Residential framingResidential framing (Subcontract Labor Only)
Residential roofingResidential roofing (Subcontract Labor Only)
Residential masonry/stuccoResidential masonry/stucco (Subcontract Labor Only)
Residential swimming pools

Q: What are the other types of Louisiana contractor licenses?

Mold Remediation for projects with a value of $1.00 or more including labor and materials.

Home Improvement for projects with a value exceeding $7,500 but not in excess of $75,000 including labor and materials.  This registration does NOT cover swimming pools.

Q: Does Louisiana accept the NASCLA Accredited Commercial Contractor license?

Yes.  The NASCLA Accredited Exam replaces the Trades exam for Commercial Contractors.

The NASCLA Accredited Commercial Contractors exam is accepted in eight States: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. This means that by passing one exam, you can easily become licensed to do commercial work in all eight states. Most of the states will require you to also pass the Business and Law exam for that State, but you will not be required to pass a separate Commercial Trades exam.

When you pass the NASCLA Accredited Examination for Commercial General Building Contractors, you will be listed in the NASCLA National Examination Database. You will then have this information available when you apply in any of the states that accept it.  You may also need to take each states’ specific business/law/project management exam in addition to the NASCLA exam.

Q: Does a subcontractor have to be licensed?

A subcontractor who wishes to bid or perform commercial work where the total cost of the project including labor and materials for the following must be licensed with this Board:

  • $50,000 or more for major and specialty classifications
  • $10,000 or more for electrical, mechanical, and plumbing
  • $1 or more for hazardous 

A subcontractor who wishes to bid or perform residential work (new construction) where the total cost of the project including labor and materials in the amount of $7,500 or more must be properly licensed with this Board.

Q: What is a Qualifying Party?

This is an individual who is responsible for taking any required exams

Q: What is a Classification?

The type of trade that is to be performed by the license applicant, such as: Building Construction; Highway, Street and Bridge Construction; or Electrical Work.

Q: What is a Subclassification?

A division under a major classification for which a contractor may be licensed for a more specific trade, such as Drywall, Roofing, or Industrial Piping.

Q: What is Reciprocity?

In an effort to improve portability of licensure, Louisiana has an agreement with many states to allow Qualifying Parties who have approved classifications from their own state Board to receive credit from the Board to which they are applying for the required trade examination.

Q: Where can I find a description of the different Classifications and Subclassifications?

Visit the Exams/Classifications page on the Louisiana Board Website.

Q: What are the steps for obtaining a Louisiana Residential Contracting license?

  1. Obtain license application
  2. Register your company with the Louisiana Secretary of State
  3. Obtain the appropriate level of insurance
  4. Pay the appropriate fees
  5. Obtain the required notarization
  6. Submit the application (online submissions not accepted)
  7. Complete the required examinations (may be done before or after Board review of application.
  8. 4-6 weeks after requirements are met, license will be issued.

Q: What are the steps for obtaining a Louisiana Commercial Contracting license?

  1. Obtain license application
  2. Register your company with the Louisiana Secretary of State
  3. Obtain the appropriate level of insurance
  4. Pay the appropriate fees
  5. Obtain the required notarization
  6. Submit the application (online submissions not accepted)
  7. Complete the required examinations (may be done before or after Board review of application.
  8. 4-6 weeks after requirements are met, license will be issued.

Q: How do I obtain a reciprocal contracting license in Louisiana?

Contractors requesting reciprocity can have their Qualifying Party receive credit for exams for equivalent classifications and can be exempted from the 60-day waiting period if they meet the following requirements:

  1. Complete a verification of license form and submit to Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors
  2. The contractor must not have been sanctioned for violations by the Board of the Reciprocal State for the past 3 years; and
  3. The contractor must meet all other requirements for licensure in Louisiana

Q: What is the fee for taking the Louisiana contractor exams?


Note: If you register at a Testing Center other than Baton Rouge, a convenience fee of $75.00 per exam will be assessed, payable by credit card only on the registration website.

Other fees: If you schedule an exam and then do not appear for the exam at the scheduled time, you must pay a $120 examination fee plus a $75 exam re-registration fee for a total of $195 per exam missed, and wait a minimum of 30 days before you may reschedule. This fee can only be paid on the registration site beginning the day after the missed exam.

Q: Is the Louisiana residential contractor exam open book?

No, the State testing agency does not allow any reference books into the examination area during exams.

Q: What is on the Louisiana residential contractor exams?

80 Multiple Choice Question
Time Limit: 4 Hours

Rough Carpentry 26%
Interior and Exterior Finish 20%
Concrete and Rebar 19%
Associated Trades 10%
Excavation and Site Work 9%
Roofing 6%
Masonry 5%
Plans and Specifications 5%

Q: Is the Louisiana Business and Law exam open book?

Yes, the Business & Law exam is an open book online examination. The books you need will be furnished at the Testing Center.

Alexandria, LA
LSU Alexandria

Baton Rouge, LA –
Louisiana Licensing Board for Contractors

Bossier City, LA –
Bossier Parish Community College

Chalmette, LA –
Nunez Community College

Lacombe, LA –
Northshore Technical Community College

Lafayette, LA –
South Louisiana Community College

Lake Charles, LA –
SOWELA Technical Community College

Monroe, LA –
Louisiana Delta Community College

New Orleans, LA –
Delgado Community College

Shriever, LA –
Fletcher Technical Community College

The NASCLA Accredited Examination Program is designed to help participating states by providing one trades licensing examination that is accepted by all participating jurisdictions.

The NASCLA Accredited Examination Program is NOT a nationally recognized license. Contractors will still have to meet additional state licensure requirements within each participating state to obtain their licenses.

The NASCLA Accredited exam benefits contractors who need licenses in multiple states. If your business will expand into any of the participating states, you will save time and money by passing the NASCLA exam.

By passing the NASCLA exam, you will avoid having to take multiple trades exams in other states. You will still need to pass a Business & Law exam in each of the States (except Arkansas).  Arkansas will accept the NASCLA Accredited exam as both the Trades and Business/Law.

Yes. Effective November 1, 2016, applicants must get pre-approval from the National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies (NASCLA) to take the NASCLA exam.

Applicants can apply for approval online at ned.nascla.org. Once approved, the individual’s name will be forwarded from NASCLA to PSI. PSI will then send the applicant an email with information about how to schedule their exam.

All of these books can be found in our book store. Click Here to take a look!

  • ICC A117.1 – 2017 Standard for Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities
  • BCSI: Guide to Good Practice for Handling, Installing, Restraining, and Bracing of Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses, 2013 or 2018 Edition
  • Carpentry and Building Construction, 2016 Edition
  • Code of Federal Regulations -29 CFR Part 1926 (OSHA), with latest available amendments
  • Construction Jobsite Management, 4th Edition, 2017
  • Construction Project Management, 4th Edition, 2014
  • NASCLA Contractors’ Guide to Business, Law and Project Management, Basic, 12th or 13th Edition
  • Erectors’ Manual – Standards and Guidelines for the Erection of Pre-Cast Concrete Products, 2nd Edition, 1999
  • Green Building Fundamentals, 2nd Edition, 2011
  • Gypsum Construction Handbook, 7th Edition, 2014
  • Technical Digest No. 9 –Handling and Erection of Steel Joists and Joist Girders, 3rd Edition, 2008
  • International Building Code, 2015 or 2018 Edition
  • ACI 318-14 (2014): Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary
  • Training and Certification of Field Personnel for Unbonded Post-Tensioning -Level 1 Field Fundamentals, 3rd Edition, 2003
  • Modern Masonry – Brick, Block, Stone, 8th Edition, 2015
  • Pipe and Excavation Contracting, 2011 Edition
  • Principles and Practices of Commercial Construction, 9th Edition, 2014
  • Roofing Construction and Estimating, 1995 Edition
  • Placing Reinforcing Bars, Recommended Practices, 2011
  • SDI (Steel Deck Institute) Manual of Construction with Steel Deck, 3rd Edition, 2016
  • The Contractor’s Guide to Quality Concrete Construction, 4th Edition, 2018

For more information, view the PSI Candidate Bulletin.

References may be highlighted, underlined, and/or indexed (tabbed with permanent stick tabs), however they may NOT otherwise be written in or marked in any way. Temporary tabs, such as Post-It notes, are not allowed and must be removed from the reference before the exam will begin.

There are 115 questions and you must get 81 answers correct. You will have 330 minutes to complete the exam. The subjects covered in the exam are listed below, however, the questions are taken at random from a large pool of questions making sure that all contractors are taking a different exam.

Subject Areas and # of Questions:

  • General Requirements: 25 questions
  • Site Construction: 15 questions
  • Concrete: 6 questions
  • Masonry: 4 questions
  • Metals: 6 questions
  • Wood: 5 questions
  • Thermal and Moisture Protection: 5 questions
  • Doors, Windows, and Glazing: 4 questions
  • Finishes: 5 questions
  • Mechanical and Plumbing Systems: 6 questions
  • Electrical Systems: 3 questions
  • Procurement and Contracting Requirements: 31 questions

The exam is based on information found in the reference materials we have listed above as well as trade knowledge or general industry practices. Except for Code books, you may base your answers on later editions of references as they become available. For Code questions, the examinations will be based only on the edition of the Code book listed on the candidate bulletin.

The NASCLA exam is an open book exam. All of the books listed on the candidate bulletin may be brought into and used during the exam. Books will not be provided to you at the exam center. If you are in need of books, we offer all of the references listed on the Candidate Bulletin for sale in our Bookstore, or in our complete NASCLA Prep Package

Our NASCLA Exam Prep course is designed to help you maximize your study time.

The first set of lessons will walk you through study and test taking tips.

The remainder of the lessons are devoted to each book on the Candidate Bulletin. Each of these lessons help you get to know the layout of the books and key information that can be found within. Each book has a quiz dedicated solely to the material in that book.

Finally, you will find the practice test at the end of the course. This practice test consists of a pool of over 1,000 questions, to help you practice taking an exam as well as determine which areas you need to brush up on further.

That question is almost entirely up to you!

There are 16 hours of videos, which walk you through each reference allowed in the exam. There are also over 1,000 practice questions, to help you gauge your knowledge and practice using your references in an exam-like setting.

We recommend going through the entire course at least once. After that it is up to you. Some may want to go through the whole course multiple times. You might also find yourself taking note of particular topics you would like to devote more time to, and just going back later to study those areas.

We recommend for you to spend as much time with the course as is necessary to really get to know your reference materials, and be comfortable finding answers with the texts–this will ensure your success on the exam!

Q: How do I renew my Louisiana residential contractor license?

  1. Complete required continuing education
  2. Visit the Louisiana State Licensing Board Web Portal and follow the instructions

Q: When do I have to renew my Louisiana contractor license?

By December 31st in your expiration year.

Q: How often must I renew my license?

Contractors may choose to hold their license active for one, two, or three years (except for Home Improvement registrations, which are limited to a one-year renewal period).

Q: What happens if I don’t renew my Louisiana contractor license on time?

A delinquent penalty of $50 for late renewal of Commercial and Residential contractor licenses may be assessed 15 days following the expiration date.
Failure to renew your license within six months after your renewal date will result in forfeiture of your renewal rights and you will have to start all over.

Q: Is continuing education required for a Louisiana contractor license?

Residential Contractors: Must complete 6 hours per year by December 31st.

Commercial, Mold or Home Improvement Contractors: No continuing education is required.

Q: Can Louisiana contractor continuing education be completed online?


Q: How do I submit my Louisiana Contractor continuing education?

Simply mail a copy of your Certificate of Completion from our course to the
State Licensing Board for Contractors 
2525 Quail Drive Baton Rouge, LA  70808.
You DO NOT need to send the Continued Education Form because we have all of the necessary information printed on your certificate.

You may begin immediately! Simply click the Login button in the upper right-hand corner on your desktop or in the upper-right menu on mobile. Once you’ve entered your login and password, you will be taken to your courses. Follow the instructions and enjoy!

Our courses are available online 24/7 and you are able to log in and log out at any time during the course. If you are going to be away from your computer for more than 10-15 minutes, simply log out. When you log back in, you will be able to re-enter the lesson you were last in.

Continuing education requirements vary by state. Each course lists a minimum number of credit hours required to complete the course.

Each course lists the total amount of hours for the course. However, we cover materials quickly and many contractors like to re-watch materials. In other words, this question really depends on your learning style. We recommend that you go through the course as many times as you need to be comfortable with the material and any applicable reference books. The more familiar you are with the materials, the better you will do on your exam!

We allow up to 6 months for you to complete the courses. During the six months you have unlimited, 24/7 access. If you need additional time, please contact our offices to arrange an extension (please note: a fee may apply).

This varies depending on whether the course is continuing education or exam prep.

There are no quizzes for continuing education courses in Michigan. All other states with continuing education require quizzes to check completion progress.

In exam prep courses there will be a short quiz at the end of each lesson and there is also a longer practice test at the end of each course. These quizzes and tests will help you practice taking an exam and identify areas you may wish to study more.

Practice tests are just that: for practice. You will have the opportunity to retake the practice tests until you do pass. The practice tests are there to help you get used to the process of using your reference materials and finding the correct answers during an exam. If you don’t pass on the first try, take the time to note what sections of the material you need to review.

You are able to review the lessons and quizzes at any time during the six months you’ll have access to the courses.

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Other LSLBC Contact Information

National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies
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(623) 587-9354

Contact PSI for information regarding the NASCLA Contractors Exam
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