Minnesota Building Official Continuing Education Courses

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Minnesota Licensing FAQs

CE Requirements: Building Officials (BO & LB) – 38 Hours | Accessibility Specialist – 6 Hours

Renewal Deadline: Every two years by the anniversary of licensure.

Online Minnesota Code Official Contractor Continuing Education Courses

  • Construction Health and Safety Compliance | Minnesota
    Product Image Construction Health and Safety Compliance1

    7 Hour Video Course
    Includes 1 Hour Energy Code
    Approval #20210447 BLD | #20210425 CO, PL, MHI

    This course focuses on hazardous energy, fall protection, fire safety, hazard communication, PPE, Respiratory protection, silica safety and stairways and ladders.

  • Code and Energy Efficient Building | Minnesota
    Product Image Construction Code

    7 Hour Video Course
    Includes 1 Hour Energy Code
    Approval #20190471 and #20190532 

    Improving weatherization and energy efficiency can save clients thousands over the life of the building. Have your clients thanking you every time they get their energy bill with the tips you learn here.

  • Weatherization and Renewable Energy | Minnesota
    Product Weatherization

    7 Hour Video Course
    Includes 1 hour Energy Code
    Approval #20190470 and #20190534
    Approved for WI CE if WI License entered  

    Give yourself the edge in the growing market in renewable energy building by adding efficiency through solar and wind energy. 
    0.6 ICC Energy CEUs – Approval #25463

  • Project Management | Minnesota
    Product Image Project Management For Contractors Online Contractor Course

    7 Hour Audio Course
    Includes 2 hrs of Energy Code for Contractors
    Approval #20200288 and #20200374 

    Study the responsibilities and proven methods experienced contractors and builders use to effectively manage all aspects of a building project. 

  • Successful Site and Building Design | Minnesota
    Product Image Successful Renovations and Additions

    7 Hour Audio Course
    Approval #20190473 
    Site and Building Design is key to the success of any building project.  Learn proven methods for site and building design decisions for all aspects of construction, appearance and maintenance. 

  • Design Dos and Don’ts in Metal Structures and Existing Buildings | Minnesota
    Product Image Dos and Donts of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

    7 Hour Audio Course
    Includes 1 Hour Energy Code
    Approval #20180747

    Learn the advantages and disadvantages of using a pre-engineered metal building and why PEMB's are economical.  This course will cover foundations, building envelope, industrial equipment and code. 

  • Drone Technology and Environmental Issues | Minnesota
    Product Image Drones in Construction Online Contractor Course

    7 Hour Video Course
    Approval #20190487

    Learn the rules and regulations that must be followed to operate commercial drones and how environmental law is becoming more prevalent in property transactions and it's impact on the building industry.

  • Lead Paint Awareness | Minnesota
    Product Image Lead Paint Safety ICC

    4 Hour Video Course
    Approval #20180120

    Keep yourself and your home-buyers safe from lead exposure by learning to perform or supervise lead-safe work practices. NOTE: This course does not qualify for the EPA RRP Certification
    0.4 ICC Sitework CEUs – Approval #25729

  • Environmental Issues | Minnesota
    Product Image Environmental issues

    3 Hour Video Class
    Approval #20210273 

    Mold, lead paint, and asbestos can turn a dream home into a nightmare.  Learn more about these substances and how they relate to laws and litigation on both a federal and state level.

  • Energy Efficient Building | Minnesota
    Product Image Energy Efficient Building

    1 Energy Code Hour Video Course
    Approval #20200181 and #20200189 

    Improving energy efficiency through green building methods can save money and have less impact on the environment while also lowering your clients energy bills.