Meet Our Staff


Teri Francis – President
Teri is the owner of Certified Training Institute. She has a marketing and business degree from Northwestern Michigan College and uses all of her skills and education in creating new courses and opportunities for builders and contractors.

Josh Francis – Vice President
Josh primarily focuses on business development and curriculum growth. He works with partner universities, industry professionals, and subject matter experts to expand our offerings and maintain our standard of high-quality online training. Along with his growth focus, he also works hand in hand with our marketing and software development teams making sure our brand representation and user experience are the best they can be. 

Melissa Theide - Student Services Representative
If you call our office there's a good chance you'll hear Melissa's cheery voice. Aside from her expansive licensing knowledge, Melissa performs quality checks on courses before they are published.

Cassie Estelle - Student Services Representative & Marketing Specialist
Cassie is a friendly voice you'll hear when you call our offices. Aside from providing industry expertise, Cassie is an essential part of the marketing team. She provides research and demographic information for the rest of our marketing department.

James Shomin - Outreach & Student Services Coordinator
James guides and supports the Student Services Team and assists students with unique needs or requests. He also reaches out to businesses, associations, and organizations with specifics educational needs.

Ellen Musser-Executive Office Administrator
Ellen is our office encyclopedia, in charge of keeping everything running smoothly. You may hear her friendly voice when you call the school. She has been busy managing our bookstore as well as researching new industries for course expansion.

Sarah Racine - Horticulture & Real Estate Specialist
Sarah holds a Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture, which has made her the perfect fit for our Pesticide Safety program. Sarah handles the licensing research for both the Pesticide Safety and Real Estate programs and works with the appropriate state agency to get our courses approved for continuing education credit.

Jenny MacDowell - Education Coordinator
Jenny performs a wide variety of responsibilities, from analyzing training needs to managing day-to-day course logistics and online course content. Her experience involves instructional design, web-based course development, eLearning, adult learning theory and interactive learning strategies. She holds a Masters Degree in Education and a CDEI Distance Education Certification.Residential Builders License # 2101201664

Catherine Paolacci - Audio Video Editor
Catherine holds a bachelor's degree in Sound Engineering. Her main focus is editing videos and narrations used in our courses.  If you purchase one of our new narrated courses, you may get to hear Catherine's lovely voice.

Zach Francis – Tech Support/Videographer
Zach is a “Jack-of-all-trades” here at Builders License Training Institute. Not only does he serve as “Camera Man” for our instructional videos, but he also edits and uploads them for student use. He also serves as our Technical Support person. If you need assistance with your online courses, just call Zach

Sara Chauvette - Marketing Manager & Web Design
Sara holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Marketing. Her primary focus is in managing our marketing efforts and social media accounts. Sara writes weekly blogs and newsletters, as well as managing our social media pages. She also edits and designs our web pages for SEO content and usability.

Brenda Forton – Promotions Specialist
Brenda is our Promotions and Website Specialist. She is the creative force behind the emails and the postcards that you folks receive. She also designs the newsletters and trade show promotions. Brenda just has a knack for making things look nice on paper and in the office.

Cheryl Shomler - Accounts Executive
Cheryl is a woman of many talents. She manages our Record Keeping. Accounting and EPA Reporting. She also assists us with a variety of assignments, both at home and in the office.  

Donna Pinto - Submissions Specialist
Donna is the person who submits your course results to your State licensing division when necessary. She’s also the person who takes care of packaging and shipping book orders. 

Ivan Garma - Web Developer
Ivan is responsible for designing, coding, and adding/modifying features to our websites and learning management system from layout to function and according to specifications based on the business requirements. Ivan also performs maintenance of our databases and web servers.

Jason McCaffrey – Senior Web Developer
Jason is our Onsite Web Developer. He is instrumental in keeping our website up and running properly as well as creating new websites for the various industries we serve. He is exceptionally knowledgeable in his field. His past work history with Microsoft has been an invaluable resource for our expanding web presence. He keeps us running like a well-oiled machine!