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New Courses for Massachusetts Building Code Officials

Builders License Training Institute has a newly approved continuing education package that meets Category 1 requirements for Massachusetts Building Code Officials. This 30-hour package is available from any internet-capable device – 24/7 so you can start and stop your courses as often as you’d like. You must complete 45 hours of continuing education every three years by the anniversary of initial licensing. 30 of these hours must be Category 1; the other 15 hours may be category 1 or 2. 

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Stretch Codes, Rhode Island, and Hope.

Stretch codes can be engaged in addition to base codes to lead the construction industry to use less energy, have a less negative impact on the environment, and achieve higher levels of occupant health and comfort for everyone. Stretch codes encourage the use of best practice approaches that take advantage of advances in building science and technology.

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The Language of Manufactured Homes

A manufactured home has been called many things over the years. The list includes mobile home, trailer, double wide, modular home, pre-manufactured home, pre-fab home, tiny houses, and even a park model. Did you know that none of the terms on this list are correct to use? It is important to call a manufactured home by what it is, manufactured housing. When using the other terms, you are misleading a consumer, perpetuating a myth or misunderstanding regarding the quality of the product, and adding confusion for building officials and licensing.

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