Becoming a Massachusetts CSL FAQs

How do I get a Massachusetts CSL?

  1. Determine which type of license you are applying for. Supervisor licenses are available for many kinds of construction. This page describes the scope of work to be supervised.
  2. Verify 3 years of experience in building construction or design.  See applying for a construction supervisor license for more details.
  3. Submit the candidate exam registration form. The exam is administered by Prometrics.
  4. Call 800-813-6671 for the exam date.
  5. Study for your exam.
  6. Take the exam.
  7. Mail the score report to the Board of Building Regulations and Standards.

What can I expect from the Massachusetts CSL exams?

Questions are taken at random from a pool of hundreds of questions

Restricted Construction Supervisor Exam Prep

  • Restricted Construction Supervisor Administrative Responsibilities – 10 questions
  • Energy efficiency – 7 questions
  • Sitework and Foundations – 12 questions
  • Concrete and Masonry – 7 questions
  • Moisture Intrusion/protection – 7 questions
  • Structural Framing – 16 questions
  • Roofing/Exterior Walls – 8 questions
  • Doors/Windows – 8 questions
  • Interior Environment – 8 questions
  • Fire Protection – 7 questions
  • Safety – 10 questions

Unrestricted Construction Supervisor Exam Prep

  • Unrestricted Construction supervisor Administrative Responsibilities – 8 questions
  • General Building Construction Knowledge – 11 questions
  • Energy Efficiency – 6 questions
  • Accessibility – 4 questions
  • Sitework and Foundations – 7 questions
  • Concrete and Masonry – 9 questions
  • Moisture Intrusion/Protection – 7 questions
  • Structural Framing (Steel and Wood) – 13 questions
  • Roofing/Exterior Walls – 7 questions
  • Doors/Windows – 5 questions
  • Interior Environment (mechanical and Ventilation) – 7 questions
  • Fire Protection (Mechanical) – 5 questions
  • Safety (Construction Safety and Lead Remediation) – 11 questions

How long do I have to submit my license application after passing the CSL exam?

You have two years from the date you passed the exam.

How do I upgrade my license from Restricted Construction Supervisor to Unrestricted Construction Supervisor?

You will need to retest for the unrestricted license through Prometric and re-apply for the Unrestricted CSL. Sign up here: Once you pass your exam, your score report will include instructions on applying to the Department of Public Safety for your license.

Who issues Massachusetts CSLs?

Office of Public Safety and Inspections
1000 Washington St. Suite 710
Boston, MA 02118


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