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Online HD Video RRP Course Available Through April 1st

Do you need to take a 4-hour Lead Paint Refresher course? We have an EPA-approved 4-hour refresher course available today through April 1st! Sign up today to complete this EPA required course in HD video from the comfort of home.

Make Sure You Qualify for this Course:

EXPIRED LICENSES: If your certificate has expired, you are not eligible to take this course. You must take the initial 8-hour classroom course to recertify.

RENEWALS: You may only take this online refresher course to renew your certification every other cycle. After completing a hands-on classroom course, your certification is valid for 5 years. After completing our online refresher course, your certification is valid for 3 years.

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UPLOADING CERTIFICATES: Please be sure your certificate has your picture on it.  You may not use a firm certification for renewal. Staff is required to review your eligibility. Documents uploaded after 3 PM (EST) will be viewed the next business day.

WEEKEND ORDERS:  If you are purchasing this course on the same weekend that your certificate expires, you will not be able to complete this course.  Our staff is required to verify your eligibility prior to course completion.  (Mon. – Fri. 8 – 6 EST)

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Lead Paint 4-Hour Refresher (RRP) | Online Video Course

This course fulfills the 4-Hour requirement for those individuals who have already completed the 8-Hour RRP certification course and need to renew the certification. This certification is for three years.

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Becoming a Massachusetts CSL FAQs

How do I get a Massachusetts CSL?

  1. Determine which type of license you are applying for. Supervisor licenses are available for many kinds of construction. This page describes the scope of work to be supervised.
  2. Verify 3 years of experience in building construction or design.  See applying for a construction supervisor license for more details.
  3. Submit the candidate exam registration form. The exam is administered by Prometrics.
  4. Call 800-813-6671 for the exam date.
  5. Study for your exam.
  6. Take the exam.
  7. Mail the score report to the Board of Building Regulations and Standards.

What can I expect from the Massachusetts CSL exams?

Questions are taken at random from a pool of hundreds of questions

Restricted Construction Supervisor Exam Prep

  • Restricted Construction Supervisor Administrative Responsibilities – 10 questions
  • Energy efficiency – 7 questions
  • Sitework and Foundations – 12 questions
  • Concrete and Masonry – 7 questions
  • Moisture Intrusion/protection – 7 questions
  • Structural Framing – 16 questions
  • Roofing/Exterior Walls – 8 questions
  • Doors/Windows – 8 questions
  • Interior Environment – 8 questions
  • Fire Protection – 7 questions
  • Safety – 10 questions

Unrestricted Construction Supervisor Exam Prep

  • Unrestricted Construction supervisor Administrative Responsibilities – 8 questions
  • General Building Construction Knowledge – 11 questions
  • Energy Efficiency – 6 questions
  • Accessibility – 4 questions
  • Sitework and Foundations – 7 questions
  • Concrete and Masonry – 9 questions
  • Moisture Intrusion/Protection – 7 questions
  • Structural Framing (Steel and Wood) – 13 questions
  • Roofing/Exterior Walls – 7 questions
  • Doors/Windows – 5 questions
  • Interior Environment (mechanical and Ventilation) – 7 questions
  • Fire Protection (Mechanical) – 5 questions
  • Safety (Construction Safety and Lead Remediation) – 11 questions

How long do I have to submit my license application after passing the CSL exam?

You have two years from the date you passed the exam.

How do I upgrade my license from Restricted Construction Supervisor to Unrestricted Construction Supervisor?

You will need to retest for the unrestricted license through Prometric and re-apply for the Unrestricted CSL. Sign up here: Once you pass your exam, your score report will include instructions on applying to the Department of Public Safety for your license.

Who issues Massachusetts CSLs?

Office of Public Safety and Inspections
1000 Washington St. Suite 710
Boston, MA 02118


Free E-Book: Expand Your Commercial Construction Business

Have you been thinking about expanding your commercial contracting business? Becoming a NASCLA accredited contractor means you can take one trades exam to work in AL, AR, AZ, FL, GA, LA, MS, NV, NC, OR, SC, TN, UT, US Virgin Islands, VA, and WV.

You will save time and money by passing the NASCLA Accredited exam, rather than passing a Commercial Trades exam in 15 States & the Virgin Islands.

If you're ready to start studying for the exam click here for online HD video exam prep. If you want to learn more click the button below to download a free e-book about the NASCLA program.

2019 Top 10 OSHA Violations

OSHA released the Top 10 OSHA violations of 2019 at the NSC Congress & Expo in San Diego. Since 2018 violations have dropped by 15% but Fall Protection remains the #1 OSHA violation.


  1. Fall Protection (1926.501)
    Violations: 6,010 in 2019 • 7,270 in 2018
    Online HD Video Course for Fall Protection
  2. Hazard Communication (1910.1200)
    Violations: 3,671 in 2019 • 4,552 in 2018
    Online HD Video Course for Hazard Communication
  3. Scaffolding (1926.451)
    Violations: 2,813 in 2019 • 3,336 in 2018
  4. Lockout/Tagout (1910.147)
    Violations: 2,606 in 2019 • 2,944 in 2018
    Online HD Video Course for Controlling Hazardous Energy
  5. Respiratory Protection (1910.134)
    Violations: 2,450 in 2019 • 3,118 in 2018
    Online HD Video Course for Respiratory Protection
  6. Ladders (1926.1053
    Violations: 2,345 in 2019 • 2,812 in 2018
    Online HD Video Course for 29 CFR 1926 Stairways and Ladders
  7. Powered Industrial Trucks (1910.178)
    Violations: 2,093 in 2019 • 2,294 in 2018
    Online HD Video Course for Powered Industrial Trucks and Aerial Lifts
  8. Fall Protection Training (1926.503)
    Violations: 1,773 in 2019 • 1,982 in 2018
    Online HD Video Course for Fall Protection
  9. Machine Guarding (1910.212)
    Violations: 1,743 in 2019 • 1,972 in 2018
  10. Eye and Face Protection (1926.102)
    Violations: 1,411 in 2019 • 1,536 in 2018
    Online HD Video Course for Personal Protective Equipment

You can avoid OSHA violations by making sure your team is trained in proper safety procedures. Visit our OSHA & Industrial Safety Training catalog for a full list of training.


5 Construction Technology Trends to Watch in 2020

Many construction companies have been hesitant to embrace new technology because they view it as an expense rather than a method to improve efficiency and cut costs overall. Companies that have been early to the new technology game have reaped the benefits of lower employee turnover, increased productivity, and fewer workplace accidents. Here are a few new technologies that began to take hold in 2019 and are expected to take off in 2020.

  1. Drones have been an increasingly valuable asset in the construction world for several years now. As their use increases, software companies are making programs specifically for contractors. Drones can be used to increase safety on job sites. For example, many contractors use drones to determine if a roof is safe for contractors rather than sending a human up to check. Drones are also used to collect data and ensure projects are being completed correctly and at the right speed. Builders License Training Institute offers an online Drones in Construction class. Choose your state below to get started.
  2. Construction Management Software is getting easier to use on the job site and more advanced by the year. Construction Management Software includes scheduling, project management, and timekeeping applications so you can keep track of all your job costs in one program.
  3. Project Management Solutions have come a long way. These programs are more user-friendly than ever and there are plenty of options to choose from. Project management software can provide a clear view of all activities and communications, as well as, the real-time progress of your projects.
  4. Building Information Modeling or BIM. BIM is a way of representing buildings, roads, and utilities through computer-generated images to help visualize the construction process before it begins. Architects and engineers use this software to determine how building materials will hold up over time. The ability to visualize projects before beginning work reduces wasted time, labor, and materials.
  5. Virtual Reality allows contractors to experience complex logistics first-hand and get an accurate gauge on a project. VR can help construction companies get a 360-degree view of the building before construction even starts.


November Scholarship Recipient!

Builders License Training Institute has chosen a new scholarship winner! Ty G. Heiss applied for our Military Pre-Licensure Training Scholarship, and we are excited to announce this 4-year Army Veteran will be receiving the complete Michigan 60-hour course as our show of gratitude for his service.

Ty served in the US Army from 2006-2010 in Northern Afghanistan. During his time in the army, Ty received the Afghanistan Campaign Medal with a campaign star, an Army Commendation Medal, an Army Good Conduct Metal, the National Defense Service Medal, Global War On Terrorism Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Overseas Service Ribbon, NATO Medal, Combat Action Badge, and the Driver and Mechanic Badge with Mechanic Clasp.

From the age of 15 until he enlisted, he worked in construction trades and started a successful contracting company. We are excited to help Ty reach his goals and start his own construction company.

Congratulations, Ty, we hope you will keep us updated on your progress—we are looking forward to great things from you!

If you are interested in receiving financial assistance, please visit our Financial Aid & Scholarships page for more information!

How Single Buyers Are Affecting The Construction Industry

Single home buyers comprise 28% of all households. That's 35 million homes in the United States. According to the Wall Street Journal, this is "one of the biggest demographic trends of the past 50 years." A combination of factors, including people living longer, marrying later or not at all, higher divorce rates, fewer kids, and greater financial freedom for women all play a part in this demographic change.

The 2017 Census Bureau found that of more than 120 million U.S. citizens, 48% of adults 18 and older, are divorced, widowed, or never married. That is a huge change from 1970 when of 39 million adults, only 29%, were single. Baby boomers divorced at nearly double the rate of previous generations between 1990 & 2015. Perhaps as a result of the older generation's divorce rate, Gen Xers and millennials are forgoing marriage altogether. Only about 20% of 18-29 year olds are married compared to 60% of the same age group in 1960. Experts believe the single home buyer trend will continue to grow over the coming years.

Women Are Leading The Singles Market

Of the singles who make up more than quarter of all home buyers, women comprise the vast majority. Single females make up 18% of home buyers while single men make up only 8%. Single women seek out homes in communities that emphasize safety and security. Many women prefer high-density attached homes that provide more safety.

What Needs To Change

The current housing stock and community layouts are not designed for single home buyers - nationally, less than 1% of housing is studio and only 11% are one-bedrooms. Home builders cannot ignore the difference in supply and demand. Contractors must keep in mind that singles generally have half the income of a couple. They are looking for lower median housing - most single men make around $36,600 a year, while single women make $26,355. This is in stark contrast to the $85,087 brought in by the average couple.

Cash In On The New Market

Contractors can cash in on this new market by building low-income homes designed for single people. Single clients need to see the opportunity to grow within their home. Flexible spaces and adaptability to lifestyle changes are crucial. Builders should think about how a space can be changed as a single home buyer's life changes. For example, it used to be common place to divide the upstairs of a house into bedrooms. Today's singles may prefer an open space for watching movies or working out - knowing that the space can be divided at a later date if the need arises.




How To Become A Certified Ethical Contractor

Most clients share one concern –trust. Showing your trustworthiness can be incredibly difficult, especially if you are a new business. Completing a certification aimed at teaching and maintaining ethical practices in contractors is a great way to advertise to potential clients.

Becoming a Certified Ethical Contractor provides you with a variety of ways to stand apart from your competition, win bids at higher prices, and increase your margin.

Below is a list of tangible benefits you will receive after completing the Certified Ethical Contractor program.

  • Custom badge for your business cards, social media profiles, websites, search results, trucks, buildings -the sky is the limit!
  • Contract Statement & Bid Statement to set you apart from the competition
  • 24 Toolbox Safety talks to meet OSHA requirements
  • A place in our database –increase your position on search results and claim your place among ethical contractors!


How To Get A Louisiana Contractor License

How do I get my Louisiana Residential Contractor License?

There are two steps in getting licensed as residential or commercial building contractor in the State of Louisiana:

  1. Submit an application to the State Licensing Board for Contractors along with the supporting documents. You can obtain an application at the State web site:
  2. Upon receipt of the application, the State Licensing Board for Contractors will send you an examination scheduling notice with the date of your exam. You will be required to pass a Business and Law exam and the Trade exam for the license you are seeking.

Any construction project of $50,000 or more ($1 or more for hazardous) must be performed by a licensed contractor, even the home owners themselves. There are no provisions in the law to prevent an owner from applying for and being issued a contractor’s license.

What type of work requires a residential contractor license?

The Residential Contractor license is required to build a fixed building or structure three stories or less where the cost is $75,000 or more and it is used by another as a residence, including duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes.

Are the Louisiana contractor exams open book?

No, it is a CLOSED BOOK exam.  A Calculator will be provided for your use during examination.

The following is an outline of the subject areas (in descending order of weight) that will be covered in the exam:

  • Rough Carpentry 26%
  • Interior and Exterior Finish 20%
  • Concrete and Rebar 19%
  • Associated Trades 10%
  • Excavation and Site Work 9%
  • Roofing 6%
  • Masonry 5%
  • Plans and Specifications 5%

The examination is made up of 80 multiple-choice questions which are equally weighted. You will have four hours to complete this examination.

Yes. The NASCLA-Accredited Exam replaces the Trades exam for Commercial Contractors.
When you pass the NASCLA Accredited Examination for Commercial General Building Contractors, you will be listed in the NASCLA National Examination Database. You will then have this information available for the following states which accept the NASCLA Accredited Examination: AL, AR, GA, LA, MS, NV, NC, OR, SC, TN, UT, US Virgin Islands, VA, and WV. You may also need to take each states’ specific business/law/project management exam in addition to the NASCLA exam.

How can I study for the Louisiana contractor exams?

Builders License Training Institute offers online exam prep for the Business & Law, Residential Contractor, and NASCLA exams. Each program comes with a 100% money back guarantee if yo do not pass the exam on your first try. Once you register, you have up to 6 months to study before your course is deactivated. Courses are deactivated to ensure you are studying the most recent code.  If you need longer, just give us a call and we can arrange an extension.

Ready to Become A Louisiana Contractor?

Sick of Being the Lowest Bidder?

The age old problem of every contractor - you want to get as many jobs as possible but continuously being the lowest bidder is costing your company thousands. So, how can you make sure you get the job without being the lowest bidder? Find a way to provide value to your customer outside of cost. Most customers place more value on quality, professionalism, and ethics over price so you need to find a way to show potential customers you excel in these areas.

  1. Quality is a two-fold measure. To a customer, quality refers to both the caliber of your work and their overall experience working with you. Thus, your approach to showing quality should be two-fold as well. Making photos of your projects readily available on your website and social media is a good way to brag about your skills before the customer ever sees your bid. Providing ample positive testimonials of your customer service is a great way to prove that your quality service goes above and beyond your construction skills. Third party reviewed testimonials are by far the most valuable. Contractors can complete the Certified Ethical Contractor Certification to have their testimonials reviewed by a third-party. These testimonials should be prominently displayed along with the third party reviewers company information.
  2. Maintaining an atmosphere of professionalism is the way to collecting positive references. From your first interaction with a potential client to the last, you and your team should be focusing on customer service. Excellent customer service goes above and beyond simply being polite to customers.
    • Make sure the customer understands the work being done and try not to speak in terms they won't understand.
    • One of the number one complaints of construction customers is tardiness. Make sure you and your staff are on time or early for all interactions and you'll be exceeding the average customer's expectations.
  3. Ethics is the third and most important piece to your high bidding puzzle - it's also the hardest piece to convey. Showing customers your dedication to ethical contracting practices is the best way to gain trust before even interacting with clients.
    • Focusing your company on quality and professionalism will naturally improve the perception of your company's ethics.
    • The Certified Ethical Contractor Certification (CEC) provides a fast and easy way to improve and visually display the importance of ethics in your company. Certified Ethical Contractors are provided with a custom badge, a place in the Ethical Contractor Database, a Bid Statement and a Contract Statement.
      • The CEC Badge provides a visual representation of your company's commitment to ethics.
      • Customers use the Ethical Contractor database to find contractors in their area that use ethical business practices. A place in our database will put you in their sights and provide a backlink to your website that will increase your Google Search rankings.
      • The Bid Statement and Contract Statement will help your business stand out in a pile of bids.

Ready to Become A Certified Ethical Contractor?

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