Spanish Researchers Use Recycled Waste for Building Material

Construction can be a messy process and often a wasteful one too.

Normally, crews put construction and demolition waste in the dump, but Spanish researchers say some of those materials can be used again to build something new.

The School of Building at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid says mineral wool waste can be used instead of reinforced fibers in construction. Mineral wool is an insulation made from molten glass, stone or industrial waste that is spun into a fibre-like structure.

Wool additives do the same things as mortar, and they even add insulation. They are also lighter in weight, more flexible, and reduce a construction company’s need for sand products.

Sand is in high demand world wide but supplies are running out. Turning to wool could be a more sustainable option, since it’s abundant and typically discarded. The lead researcher says up to half of the sand normally used could be replaced by the mineral wool fibers.

In a article, the Madrid university says that wool materials make up 60% of the insulating materials used on a construction site, and up to 0.2% of the total amount of construction and demolition waste.

Reusing mineral wool is the only way it can be upcycled. It’s difficult to reuse for other purposes and has a low recycling rate.

To read the full report, click here.

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Building with Laser Focus

Construction takes laser focus - attention to detail, exact measurements, precise calculations and scrupulous mechanics are critical to a project’s success. Laser technology makes a project even easier by taking the guess work out of measuring and constructing models.

Lasers can be used to identify range, take measurements, take levels, evaluate a space and synthesize all those numbers into a three dimensional scan of a room. Utilizing the technology can help architects, builders, plumbers and contractors align their resources and labor harmoniously to move a project along on schedule.

The technology comes in many models but each one has varying degrees of accuracy. While some work well for short distance measurements, others can be used for longer range. Laser accessories can also be attached, such as a swivel base or a beam splitter.

The laser can also be used to speed up excavation work. Laser beams can be used in conjunction with digging equipment, and data can be input on an operator’s screen display. The operator can see where he or she is digging and monitor progress without interrupting their work.

Lasers are also used with global positioning equipment and for commercial processes. The technology is still in research and development, but new uses are anticipated in the future.

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New York City Cracking Down on Safety Violation in Construction Industry

There are thousands of workers across job sites across New York City. The Big Apple has had a busy construction scene for the past few years, and with more jobs and more employees, come more accidents.

More people have died working in construction than in any other industry in the Big Apple, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

CBS 2 reports that more than 11,000 job sites have employees who are not properly trained and construction site injuries are up 221% compared to data from 5 years ago. That’s why the Department of Buildings is putting more effort to enforcing and regulating safety compliance in the industry.

The New York City Department of Buildings has enacted more than 25 laws to increase construction site safety, including an on-site smoking ban, uniformity in sprinkler and standpipe color coding, more registration requirements for certain construction activities, and pre-shift safety meetings.

Workers need to have 10 hours of safety training, and next year they’ll need to have four times as much. Any employer who is not complying with the regulations is getting ticketed by the department, and it’s not cheap. It costs the property owner, contractor and employer $5,000 in fines each.

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Toll Brothers Named #1 Home Builder in the World

The top American luxury home builder has won Fortune magazine’s top home builder in its annual survey of the most admired companies. Toll Brothers earned top ranks for product quality, management, and people, use of corporate assets, competitiveness, financial smarts, and social responsibility.

Toll Brothers was started by Bob and Bruce Toll in southeastern Pennsylvania in 1967. Their website credits their success to a commitment to high standards.

“Superior architectural design, unwavering commitment to quality, amazing locations across the country, and a home that feels uniquely you-this is the advantage of building with Toll Brothers”

This is not the first time the company has been on Fortune’s list. 2019 is Toll Brother’s fifth year in a row to make the cut. Toll Brother’s also won 2014 Builder of the Year by Builder magazine, and 2012 Builder of the Year by Professional Builder magazine.

Fortune surveyed 680 companies all over the world and asked them to rate companies in their own industries.

Toll Brothers builds homes in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington.

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What is the Alaska contractor renewal fee?

All licensees must pay $250 to renew their license for the next two-year renewal cycle.

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It was highly educational on safety on which will help me and my company save lives and keep safe on the job site in everyday life. – April 17, 2018
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