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Residential Inspections | Professional Development

5 Hour Video Course
This course is a review of the responsibilities of building officials, their authority to interpret the code while working to achieve code compliance. 


Instructor:  Larry Rospierski

Building codes in the United States were originally varied and widespread, not to mention enforced irregularly. With the formation of the ICC (International Code Council), uniformity has been established and most enforcing agencies are now on the same page with respect to construction requirements. 

This five-hour course is a review of the powers and responsibilities of the building official. As the person in charge of the Department of Building Safety, the Building Official has the power and authority to interpret the code, and must work to achieve code compliance.

After completing this course, learners will:

  • Understand the application and requirements of Building Codes.
  • Interpret worksite practices and construction in accordance with residential inspection guidelines.
  • Recall steps and processes required in the construction of residential buildings.

This Course Covers:

  • Building Codes, knowledge and use
  • Inspection rules
  • Recordkeeping
  • Foundation Inspections, Pilings, piers, footings, backfill & waterproofing
  • Floodplains, hazard codes, and construction in flood hazard areas
  • Masonry, frame, truss, and basement inspections and critical inspection elements
  • Fireplace damper, chimney, insulation, drywall and final inspections
  • Windows, doors and energy conservation
  • Automatic fire sprinkler systems