Building on Budget by Design | Michigan


4 Credit Hours | Online Fully Narrated Course | Instructor:  Jeff Rice
Making your Michigan clients happy is always the goal.   Learn to design efficiently with less complexity, material, and labor resulting in savings for the homeowner.


Building on Budget by Design


Course Description

The benefit and importance of pursuing an efficient design and budget allows for the creation of comparable design per a client’s initial request, but ultimately accomplishing it with considerably less complexity, building materials, construction labor, and finally cost, achieving an efficient design resulting in greater value for the homeowner. Functionality, aesthetics, and methods of code compliance are each guided by financial investment and return.

This presentation will illustrate the basis for the Building on Budget by Design program, as well as numerous examples for the approach of integrating and understanding general incremental pricing at various points in the design development process for further design inspiration and guidance for the desired construction budget.

After completing this course participants will be able to:

  • Be able to integrate design concepts with current codes and regulations.
  • Translate the intentions and goals of the customer into a safe and cost effective project.
  • Understand the process of securing the appropriate information that will help to develop a scope, schedule, and budget.
  • Be able to develop a building program that provides for less complexity and better price understanding through design adjustments.
  • Outline at least one design strategy based on site standards, code compliance, requested design and budget.
  • Utilize current materials and goods to ensure proper construction practices, all with an eye for budgetary constraints.

Course Syllabus

Lesson 1

1. Introduction
2. Industry Standards
3. Compromise vs. Solutions
4. Tangible vs. Non-Tangible Causes
5. Reducing Liability

Lesson 2

1. Example 1: Revised Elevation and Detailing
2. Over Design
3. Example 2: Addition Plans Requested
4. Understanding Client Needs
5. Example 3: Roof Complexity Averted
6. Alternative Designs

Lesson 3

1. Example 4: Value Engineering
2. SF Reductions
3. Redistribution of Capital

Lesson 4

1. Example 5: Value Engineering
2. Travel space
3. Example 6: Two-Story Post and Beam vs. Pre-Engineering Trusses
4. Savings Realized

Lesson 5

1. Example 7: New Log Home or Renovation?
2. Example 8: Remodel with Plan Adjustments in HVAC
3. Example 9: Square Foot Reductions using Modular Dimensions
4. Example 10: Roof Framing and Practical Design Solutions

Lesson 6

1. Example 11: Site Analysis and Re-Design
2. Example 12: Complexity Reduction for Greater Value

Lesson 7

1. Example 13: Smaller Footprint, Larger Home
2. Example 14: More Square Footage, Less Cost

Lesson 8

1. Example 15: Builder’s Home Plan Request
2. Angled plans
3. Material waste

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