Become a Certified Ethical Contractor

Stand out from your competition by proudly displaying your commitment to business excellence.

What do I receive as a Certified Ethical Contractor?

Becoming a Certified Ethical Contractor provides you with a variety of ways to stand apart from your competition and avoid being the lowest bidder for future jobs.

Customer Trust

Many customers value trust over price when they are choosing a contractor.

Promotional Badge

Certified Ethical Contractors receive a badge that can be added to business cards, social media profiles, websites, search results, trucks, or buildings – the sky is the limit!

Higher Bids

Becoming a Certified Ethical Contractor allows you to show your value to the homeowner as more than just the lowest bidder.

Bid & Contract Statements

As a Certified Ethical Contractor, you are provided with a specialized bid statement and contract statement that will set you apart from the lowest bidders. 

Toolbox Talks

We include twenty-four agendas and sign up sheets for monthly safety meetings.

A Place in Our Database

Once you complete the training you will be added to our Certified Ethical Contractor Database. Belonging to our database will increase customer traffic to your site and credibility.

Visit the CEC Database

How do I use my badge?

Your badge is specially designed to work on a variety of platforms.

Use your badge on your website, building windows, business cards, company trucks, Facebook, LinkedIn, Angie’s List, Yelp, and more!

Need more information?

Download this free E-Book for detailed explanations of the Certified Ethical Contractor program and how to use your badge.

  • Certified Ethical Contractor 30hr Package
    Product Image Project Management Online Contractor Course


  • Stand out from your competition.
  • Gain the trust of your customers.
  • Win more bids at higher prices.