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Stand out from your competition by showing customers your dedication to ethical business practices.

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Certified Ethical Contractor

A Certified Ethical Contractor is dedicated to performing their work in a way that is most beneficial to themselves, their clients, and the community. Don't be the lowest bidder for every job. Make your work worth more by showing your devotion to performing top quality work for homeowners and businesses alike. As a Certified Ethical Contractor, you are provided with a specialized bid statement and contract statement that will set you apart from the lowest bidders.

Why Should I become a Certified Ethical Contractor?

Certified Ethical Contractors receive a variety of benefits including the ability to stand out from competition, custom badges, an Ethical Contractor bid statement and a contract statement.

What do I get as a Certified Ethical Contractor?

Ethical contractors receive an Ethical Contractor bid statement, Ethical Contractor contract statement, custom badges for display on your website, social media, business cards, or building, and a place in our database for easier client searchability

How do I get Certified as an Ethical Contractor?

Contractors can obtain certification by completing a series of ethical contractor courses, providing two positive customer reviews, and signing a contract pledging to run their business ethically.

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