Footings and Foundations | Michigan

9 Hour Video Course 
Learn the Footings and Foundations construction process beginning with surveys and permits all the way to backfilling.  



Instructor:  Rodger Peck  

This course is a series of 10 to 12 minutes videos that walk students through the Footings and Foundations construction process from start to finish, beginning with surveys and permits all the way to backfilling.  The course is helpful to anyone working on any piece of property, regardless of whether it is a large country parcel or a city lot.  

This course covers:  

  • Understanding property descriptions and permits
  • Site surveying and staking for building placement
  • Soil types and the use of the Code Tables
  • Foundation Types:  Cross protection slab vs. crawl space vs. basement
  • Material and techniques used during foundation construction
  • Site Safety
  • Preparation of supporting soils
  • Footing width and thickness
  • Forming, pouring and placing reinforcement steel in the footings
  • Foundation wall width and height
  • Reinforcement of foundation walls and footers
  • General Labor Responsibilities and Ethics
  • Footing and Surface Water Drains
  • Block Laying
  • Vapor barrier, under slab moisture barrier, foundation damp proofing and Water proofing.
  • Placing Anchor bolts and electrical grounding
  • Prepping and pouring concrete floors
  • Sill seal and connecting sill plates
  • Backfilling, Compaction of Fill and temporary bracing
  • Insulating under slabs, basement and crawl space walls and meeting energy code requirements


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