Now Is The Time To Get Your Michigan Builders CE

Published on February 20, 2019 by Brenda Forton


Now is the time to complete your state required continuing education before the springtime calls you out to work. Take advantage of dreary damp post-winter days by using your downtime to complete that state required continuing education online in HD video before the deadline!

Michigan Builders and M&A Contractors licensed less than 6 years must complete 21 hours of state-approved continuing education. Those licensed more than 6 years are required to complete a 3-hour code, law and safety course.

The Builders License Training Institute makes it easy to meet state continuing education requirements at home in your spare time, in your truck or anywhere there’s internet using your tablet or cell phone! Most lessons are only 15-20-minutes long, so it’s easy to stop and start. Plus, there are NO TESTS! You choose when and where to complete them. Once you’ve completed a course, just print the certificate of completion. It’s THAT easy!

Packages are available to meet both the 3-hour and 21-hour requirements, or you may create your own 21-hour program with a vast selection of interesting and informative a-la-carte courses. State approved courses such as Drones in Construction, Building on Budget By Design, Construction Documents For Successful Projects and Getting Decked: And Choosing How That Happens are among the many interesting subjects to choose from.

What are you waiting for?  Get started NOW!

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