Construction Site Collapse in Michigan

Image: A stairwell identical to the one on the left side of the photo collapsed – damaging the elevator shaft on the right side of the photo.

At 9:00 am on Tuesday, May 19th, every construction manager’s nightmare occurred. As a local resident walked to work that morning, she saw a wall in a construction site leaning dangerously. She shouted to warn the construction workers about it and by the time she returned the wall collapsed completely. Although four men had been present, only two were now visible. The worst had happened.

Luckily for everyone involved at this collapse, no one was killed and only one person was seriously injured. The cause of the collapse has yet to be determined and could be from natural factors, not just human error. However, this is an opportunity to remember how important it is to do things correctly and pay attention to every step.

Construction is a complicated and, at times, dangerous trade. The process of erecting buildings requires everyone to be on their “A” game. Not only will mistakes make the construction process unsafe, the resulting structure will be dangerous as well.

Unfortunately, accidents like this do happen, and far too often. Tragedy can be avoided by ensuring everyone understands their jobs and performs them to the highest standard. Builders License Training Institute offers online training solutions to provide both licensure and continued education for those in the construction trades. Learn about what could happen before it does and make sure it never happens to you.