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Wisconsin Dwelling Contractor Courses

Nimmy’s Construction LLC from Milwaukee says, “I will be telling my colleagues about your wonderful support service and look forward to sending my guys through your training program in the near future.”

This is the most convenient way to complete your Wisconsin Dwelling Contractor Initial Certification and Qualifier Continuing Education, as well as Building Inspector continued education.  All of our easy to use online courses are State Approved by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services.

Our courses are not timed and will not let you fail.
You have immediate access from any computer
or mobile device.  Come and go as you please 24/7.


Initial Certification
Dwelling Contractor


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Continuing Education


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Continuing Education


Online courses offered with
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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get certified as a Wisconsin Dwelling Contractor Qualifier?

  1. Complete an approved 12 Hour Qualifier Course. CLICK HERE to see what courses are available!
  2. Obtain your Wisconsin license application. CLICK HERE to obtain your APPLICATIONS.
    1. Click the Dwelling Contractor (for the Business) and
    2. Dwelling Contractor Qualifier (for the Individual) applications.
      You will need to complete both applications.

Applications can be obtained by  clicking here to go directly to the state site for the applications. The application links are also included in our 12 Hour Courses.


Who needs the Wisconsin Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification?

Wisconsin Dwelling Contractors (Business License) must hold or employ someone who holds a Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification in order to obtain one or two-family dwelling building permits. In order to obtain this certification, you must complete a 12-hour initial qualifier course that has been State Approved by the Division of Industry Services.  Also, after you obtain the Certification, you must complete 12 hours of State Approved Continuing Education during each two-year period in order to remain certified.


Do I need to take contractor continuing education to keep my dwelling contractor certification?

Yes, you will need to complete 12 hours of State Approved continuing education for every two-year licensing cycle.
This 12 hours can be broken up or taken all in one course.

Once you complete the education and have supplied your Qualifier license number, we report your completion to the State of Wisconsin for you.


How is the state of Wisconsin notified when I complete my continuing education?

We report your course completion to the State of Wisconsin for you. In order to submit your continuing education, we will need your Dwelling Contractor Qualifier number.


How do I renew my contractor certification in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin sends out a renewal notice to all certified dwelling contractors 4-6 weeks before the renewal date.

  • Cards are sent to those who already completed their CE.
  • Paper renewals are sent to those who still need to complete their CE.
  • When all requirements are met, all renewals are mailed a license number and a new license expiration date.

On-Time Renewal Fees

  • Dwelling Contractors (Business) $25 for 1 year
  • Dwelling Contractor Qualifier (Individual) with CE completed $30 for 2 years.

Late Renewals

  • Dwelling Contractor Qualifier with CE completed renewing during 90 days preceding  expiration $30 renewal + $25 late fee = $55
  • Other fees apply for later renewals.


Who do I contact in the state of Wisconsin regarding dwelling contractor certification?

The State of Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services regulates dwelling contractor certification:

State of Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services
1400 East Washington Ave
Madison, WI 53703
Phone: 608-266-2112, 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central Time, Monday thru Friday
Fax: 608-267-0592


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