Package Image Oregon Contractor 16-Hour Online Exam Prep Course And Book Package

Oregon Contractor 16-hour Online Prelicensure Course and Book Package

This package contains all you will need to prepare for Oregon Contractor Licensing Exam:

  • Oregon Contractor Audio Prelicensure Course
  • Book: NASCLA Contractors Guide to Business, Law and Project Management 2nd Edition
  • Pre-printed tabs
  • Practice Questions
  • Free Video Course:  Social Media for Contractors
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This course was designed and developed following the criteria and objectives set forth by the CCB and the NASCLA Contractors Guide to Business, Law and Project Management (Oregon Construction Contractors, 1rst Edition). Following the content outline provided, the course is divided into fourteen sequential units and covers the requirements set forth by the CCB.  It also adds information that is not addressed in the NASCLA Guide, in an attempt to add a more detailed foundation for the learner. Sources for this material are Oregon Administrative Rules and Revised Statutes, the CCB website, the Department of Environmental Quality, the Department of Revenue, BOLI, OR-OSHA, the Oregon Building Codes Division, 2014ORSC, the Building Envelope Guide for Houses 10th Edition, and various proprietary materials.

The 14 Units this Course Covers:

Contractor Law and Regulations (90 minutes)

  • Understand the requirements for licensure in Oregon
  • Describe the rules, penalties, and fines as they pertain to the regulations surrounding the building industry
  • Explain warranty requirements, maintenance schedules, and consumer notices
  • Recognize the rules surrounding surety bonds and insurance for contractors.

Business Structure (30 minutes)

  • Determine the functional goal of a business, and how to attain that goal
  • Identify the types of business entities and structures, including their advantages and disadvantages for operations and financial reporting.


Hiring and Managing Employees (60 minutes)

  • Be familiar with workers compensation, unemployment, and prevailing wage laws
  • Describe the important aspects of Labor Law, including the Fair Labor Standards Act, which establishes standards for minimum wages and child labor
  • Be able to outline the interviewing and hiring process.

Contract Law (60 minutes)

  • Describe the contents of a basic construction contract
  • Explain the difference between fixed-price and cost-plus contracts
  • Interpret and explain basic contract terms and language.

Construction Lien Law (45 minutes)

  • Explain how lien laws protect the rights and interests of both the builder and the consumer
  • Define what a lien is, as well as how and when a lien should be filed
  • Recognize the various forms and deadlines that must be observed in order to protect lien rights.

Bidding and Estimating (60 minutes)

  • Recognize the features and advantages of different types of estimates
  • Outline a properly constructed estimate that will encompass all the necessary components required for a successful and profitable project.

Scheduling and Project Management (90 minutes)

  • Recognize the importance of developing a project schedule
  • Determine project costs, company overhead, and profit
  • Outline the roles and duties of key management team members
  • Describe the steps involved in closing out a project.

Building Codes (60 minutes)

  • Recognize where to find building codes and code books that apply to specific trades
  • Understand the process of permitting and inspections
  • Identify the penalties for failure to obtain a permit, or working without a license.

Jobsite Safety (60 minutes)

  • Define required record keeping, posting and safety standards an employer must observe
  • Learn the responsibilities of both the employer and the employee in observing established safety practices
  • Recognize the need for advanced safety standards when asbestos or lead is present at the workplace.

Environmental Factors (60 minutes)

  • Understand environmental regulations that govern construction activities for protecting water, air and land quality
  • Identify and understand the responsibilities of contractors related to the environment
  • Recognize the regulations that govern management and disposal of solid, hazardous, and special waste
  • Distinguish between conventional and green building practices and techniques.

Building Exterior Shell Training (60 minutes)

  • Understand the contractor’s responsibility in constructing weather-resistant building exterior shell
  • Identify the primary components of the building exterior shell
  • Recognize key best practices for the construction of a weather-resistant building exterior shell.

Financial Management (90 minutes)

  • Recognize the importance of recordkeeping and the need for record retention
  • Explain the basic concepts of accounting systems, including internal controls and financial statements.

Taxes (60 minutes)

  • Understand and describe the basic payroll and tax responsibilities of an employer
  • Identify the proper federal tax forms that any business must complete
  • Understand state tax specifics, especially as they relate to the construction industry.

Practice Questions (90 minutes)

  • Reinforce and remediate student retention of materials
  • Enable learners to assess their progress, and to identify areas of review.

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