Roof Covering Construction Supervisor | Massachusetts Exam Prep

6 Hour Text Course
This course will prepare you for the licensing exam which focuses on the construction supervisor administrative responsibilities, Safety and all aspects of Steep Slope Roofs.


Instructor:  J. MacDowell

A Roof Covering Construction Supervisor is responsible for directly supervising persons (including self) who are engaged in the installation, alteration, repair or removal of roof coverings or roofs of buildings of any use group that contain less than 35,000 cubic feet of enclosed space and/or buildings or structures for agricultural use. A Roof Covering Construction Supervisor is not authorized to work on or supervise work relating to the structural elements of a roof, including sheathing.

The licensing exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of the installation, repair and replacement of low and steep slope roof coverings, including the fabrication and installation of sheet metal, incidental to roof coverings, and installation of shingles, shakes, roll roofing materials, tile, slate and other prefabricated shingle products.

The candidate bulletin for the exam consists of 35 questions, with a 2 hour time limit.

  1. Residential Roof Covering Construction Supervisor Administrative Responsibilities – 14 questions
  2. Steep Slope – 72 questions
  3. Safety – 14 questions