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Frequently Asked Questions

Get Licensed

General Licensing Questions

Are your courses approved for East Hampton contractor continuing education?

Yes, our courses are approved by the East Hampton Town Clerk Office.

Who needs an East Hampton contractor license?

It is unlawful for any persons, other than those exempt under the provisions below, to engage in the home improvement contracting business in the Town of East Hampton without first obtaining a license from the East Hampton Town Clerk’s office in accordance with and subject to the provisions of this chapter.

Such license or a copy thereof shall be available at all of the contractor’s work sites and shall be produced to any official having jurisdiction upon demand. All subcontractors engaged in providing home improvement, who are not employees of a licensed home improvement contractor, must have their own respective home improvement contractor’s license.

§ 156-5 Exempted operations.

  • An owner of residential property carrying out, engaging in, or undertaking a home improvement or home improvements on residential property which they own.
  • An electrical contractor, engaged solely in performing electrical work, who holds a valid electrical contractor’s license from the Suffolk County Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs.
  • An individual employee of a licensee who is paid wages or salary by such licensee for his work.
  • A member or partner of a firm, partnership or other entity which is a licensed home improvement contractor who performs labor or services for such licensee.
  • A stockholder or officer of a licensee corporation who performs labor or services for such licensee.
  • An architect, professional engineer or any other person who is required by state, county, or Town law to attain standards of competency or experience as a prerequisite to engaging in such craft or profession and who is acting exclusively within the scope of the craft or profession for which he is currently certified or licensed.

What are the penalties for contracting in East Hampton while not licensed?


A person shall be guilty of a violation of this chapter when he:

  • Conducts or engages in any home improvement project or business without having first obtained a license therefor, except as provided for in this chapter.
  • Conducts or engages in any home improvement project or business not authorized by his home improvement contractor’s license.
  • Conducts or engages in any such home improvement project or business while his license is suspended or revoked.
  • Conducts, engages in or carries out any particular home improvement or home improvement activity specifically prohibited by his license as modified or limited by action of the Licensing Review Board hereunder.
  • Engages in any of the acts prohibited by the provisions of § 156-16 or any other provision of this chapter.

For the purposes of the preceding subsection, a person shall be deemed to have conducted or engaged in a home improvement business when he enters into a contract with an owner wherein he agrees to carry out a home improvement. Each such contract entered into and each and every day of actual home improvement business, activity or work engaged in or conducted pursuant to such contract or of particular prohibited conduct shall constitute a separate and distinct violation of this chapter.


  • Upon conviction of any violation as above defined and set forth in this chapter, a person shall be punishable for each and every violation as follows:
    • For conviction of a first offense, the imposition of a fine not exceeding $1,000 or limitation, suspension or revocation of the contractor’s home improvement contractor’s license for a period of up to one year pursuant to the provisions of § 156-15 hereof, or both;
    • For conviction of a second offense, both of which were committed within a period of five years, the imposition of a fine not less than $1,000 nor more than $2,500 or limitation, suspension or revocation of the contractor’s home improvement contractor’s license for a period of up to one year pursuant to the provisions of § 156-15 hereof, or both;
    • For conviction of a third or subsequent offense, all of which were committed within a period of five years, the imposition of a fine not less than $2,500 nor more than $5,000 or limitation, suspension or revocation of the contractor’s home improvement contractor’s license for a period of up to one year pursuant to the provisions of § 156-15 hereof, or both.
  • Payment of all fines imposed by the Licensing Review Board shall be delivered to the Town Clerk within 120 days of the date of filing of the determination of the Board. In the event that payment is not made within the aforementioned period, no license or renewal license shall be approved until such fines have been paid in full.

Is the NASCLA Accredited Commercial Contractor license accepted in East Hampton?


Does East Hampton require a general contractor license for commercial work?


Licensing Process

What fees are associated with getting an East Hampton contractor license?


How do I get an East Hampton contractor license?

  1. Meet the requirements for licensure
    • Must be at least 18 years of age
    • Be of good character and financially responsible
  2. Complete 10-hours of East Hampton approved continuing education.
  3. File a an Application with the town clerk.

Renew a License

Continuing Education Questions

Is continued education required for East Hampton contractors?

Yes, 10 hours of continuing education are due each year.

Are your courses approved by the East Hampton Town Clerk for contractor continuing education?

How does East Hampton know I have completed my courses?

East Hampton requires the licensee to submit their own continuing education. After completing your courses through Builders License Training Institute, you will receive a printable certificate.

How often do I need to complete continuing education?

You must meet these educational requirements every year to coincide with your licensing renewal period.

How to Renew

How do I renew my East Hampton contractor license?

  1. Complete 10-hours of East Hampton approved continuing education for each year of your two year licensing cycle.
  2. File a an Application with the town clerk.

What is the fee to renew my East Hampton contractor license?


ICC Certification Renewal

How do I renew my ICC Certification?

  1. Complete the required CEUs
  2. Login to your myICC account
  3. Input your completed CEUs
  4. Pay the appropriate fees

When is my ICC Certification due for renewal?

You must renew your certification every three years. Certificates must be renewed on or before the expiration date to remain current. Prior to the expiration date, a courtesy renewal notice will be sent to the contact information in your myICC account. If for any reason you do not receive this notice, you may obtain renewal information specific to your certification from www.iccsafe.org/ renewals.

How much continuing education do I need to renew my ICC Certificate?

Your continuing education requirement depends on how many active certifications you have.

  • 1 certification – 1.5 CEUs required
  • 2-5 certifications – 3.0 CEUs required
  • 6-10 certifications – 4.5 CEUs required
  • 11+ certifications – 6.0 CEUs required
  • Master Code Professional, CBO, CFM – 6.0 CEUs required.

You must complete half of your continuing education through the ICC or a Preferred Provider – Builders License Training Institute is a Preferred Provider of Education.

What are the fees to renew my ICC Certificate?

  • 1 certification – $90 for members – $115 for nonmembers
  • 2-5 certifications – $100 for members – $125 for nonmembers
  • 6-10 certifications – $120 for members – $135 for nonmembers
  • 11+ – $130 for members – $155 for nonmembers
  • Reinstatement Fee – $115 for members – $160 for nonmembers

What are the ICC certifications?

Residential Inspection
B1 Residential Building Inspector
E1 Residential Electrical Inspector
P1 Residential Plumbing Inspector
M1 Residential Mechanical Inspector
R5 Residential Combination Inspector

Commercial Inspection
B2 Commercial Building Inspector
E2 Commercial Electrical Inspector
P2 Commercial Plumbing Inspector
M2 Commercial Mechanical Inspector
C5 Commercial Combination Inspector

Plans Examiner
B3 Building Plans Examiner
E3 Electrical Plans Examiner
P3 Plumbing Plans Examiner
M3 Mechanical Plans Examiner
R3 Residential Plans Examiner
RF Residential Fire Sprinkler Inspector/PE
C3 Combination Plans Examiner

Energy Inspection/Plans Examiner
77 Commercial Energy Inspector
78 Commercial Energy Plans Examiner
79 Residential Energy Inspector/Plans Examiner
CE Commercial Energy Inspector/Plans Examiner
with ASHRAE 90.1

GC IgCC Inspector/Plans Examiner w/ ASHRAE 189
G1 Green Building—Residential Examiner

66 Fire Inspector I
67 Fire Inspector II
F3 Fire Plans Examiner
FM Certified Fire Marshal (CFM) [6.0 CEUs]
CA Commercial Fire Alarm Inspector
CN Commercial Fire Alarm Plan Examiner I
CR Commercial Fire Alarm Plans Examiner II
CF Commercial Fire Sprinkler Inspector
CP Commercial Fire Sprinkler Plans Examiner

Special Inspector
49 Reinforced Concrete Special Inspector
48 Reinforced Concrete Special Inspector Associate
NOTE: ACI Field Technician Grade 1 must be current for 48 or 49
92 Prestressed Concrete Special Inspector
S1 Structural Steel and Bolting Special Inspector
S2 Structural Welding Special Inspector
86 Spray-applied Fireproofing Special Inspector
84 Structural Masonry Special Inspector
EC Soils Special Inspector
MI Master of Special Inspection

Code Enforcement
14 Permit Technician
21 Accessibility Inspector/Plans Examiner
75 Zoning Inspector
64 Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector
C1 Coastal and Floodplain Construction Inspector
DR Disaster Response Inspector
FG Fuel Gas Inspector

General Inspection
B5 Building Inspector
E5 Electrical Inspector
P5 Plumbing Inspector
M5 Mechanical Inspector
C8 Combination Inspector (Bldg, Elect, Plbg, Mech)

State-Specific & Specialty
FR Florida Roofing Inspector
I1 California Commercial Building Inspector
I2 California Commercial Electrical Inspector
I3 California Commercial Plumbing Inspector
I4 California Commercial Mechanical Inspector
I5 California Commercial Combination Inspector
I6 California Building Plans Examiner
I8 Combination Inspector—California Codes
J1 California Residential Building Inspector
J2 California Residential Electrical Inspector
J3 California Residential Plumbing Inspector
J4 California Residential Mechanical Inspector
J5 California Residential Combination Inspector
CT CALGreen Inspector/Plans Examiner
76 ICC/AACE Code Enforcement Administrator
73 ICC/AACE Code Enforcement Officer

Code Official & Code Specialist
CB Certified Building Official (CBO) [6.0 CEUs]
B8 Building Code Specialist
CSP Certified Sustainability Professional
ECS IECC/HERS Compliance Specialist
E8 Electrical Code Specialist
P8 Plumbing Code Specialist
M8 Mechanical Code Specialist
H8 Housing and Zoning Code Specialist
FA Fire Code Specialist
G8 Energy Code Specialist

34 Plumbing Inspector UPC
44 Mechanical Inspector UMC
50 Combination Inspector—Uniform Codes
56 Combination Dwelling Inspector—Uniform Codes
57 Light Commercial Combination Inspector – Uniform

CX CAL Green Plans Examiner
CG CAL Green Inspector
F1 Fire Prevention Inspector I—NFPC
F2 Fire Prevention Inspector II—NFPC
L1 Louisiana Residential Plumbing Inspector
L2 Louisiana Commercial Plumbing Inspector
L3 Louisiana Plumbing Plans Examiner
N7 Building Fire Protection Inspector
N8 Building Fire Protection Plans Examiner
97 Elevator Inspector
85 Structural Steel & Welding Special Inspector
88 Reinforced Concrete Special Inspector—Legacy
89 Prestressed Concrete Special Inspector—Legacy
EA Commercial Energy Inspector w/ASHRAE 90.1
EB Commercial Energy PE w/ASHRAE 90.1
G2 IgCC Commercial Inspector
G3 IgCC Commercial Inspector w/ASHRAE 189.1
G4 IgCC Plans Examiner
G5 IgCC Plans Examiner w/ASHRAE 189.1
B6 Certified Building Code Official (CBCO)
E6 Certified Electrical Code Official (CECO)
P6 Certified Plumbing Code Official (CPCO)
M6 Certified Mechanical Code Official (CMCO)
H6 Certified Housing Code Official (CHCO)
F6 Certified Fire Code Official (CFCO)
N2 New Jersey Commercial Plumbing Inspector
N3 New Jersey Plumbing Plans Examiner
MR Minnesota Residential Plumbing Inspector
MC Minnesota Commercial Plumbing Inspector

About the Courses

Once I order the course, how long before I can start?

You may begin immediately! Simply click the Login button in the upper right-hand corner on your desktop or in the upper-right menu on mobile. Once you’ve entered your login and password, you will be taken to your courses. Follow the instructions and enjoy!

Once I start an online course, will I be able to start and stop at anytime?

Our courses are available online 24/7 and you are able to log in and log out at any time during the course. If you are going to be away from your computer for more than 10-15 minutes, simply log out. When you log back in, you will be able to re-enter the lesson you were last in.

How long do your continuing education courses take to complete?

Continuing education requirements vary by state. Each course lists a minimum number of credit hours required to complete the course.

How long do your exam prep courses take to complete?

Each course lists the total amount of hours for the course. However, we cover materials quickly and many contractors like to re-watch materials. In other words, this question really depends on your learning style. We recommend that you go through the course as many times as you need to be comfortable with the material and any applicable reference books. The more familiar you are with the materials, the better you will do on your exam!

How long do I have the courses?

We allow up to 6 months for you to complete the courses. During the six months you have unlimited, 24/7 access. If you need additional time, please contact our offices to arrange an extension (please note: a fee may apply).

Are there tests in the courses?

This varies depending on whether the course is continuing education or exam prep.

There are no quizzes for continuing education courses in Michigan. All other states with continuing education require quizzes to check completion progress.

In exam prep courses there will be a short quiz at the end of each lesson and there is also a longer practice test at the end of each course. These quizzes and tests will help you practice taking an exam and identify areas you may wish to study more.

If I fail a practice test, do I have to take it again?

Practice tests are just that: for practice. You will have the opportunity to retake the practice tests until you do pass. The practice tests are there to help you get used to the process of using your reference materials and finding the correct answers during an exam. If you don’t pass on the first try, take the time to note what sections of the material you need to review.

Once I complete a course, can I still go back and review the lessons and quizzes?

You are able to review the lessons and quizzes at any time during the six months you’ll have access to the courses.

East Hampton Contact Info

Town Clerk
Town of East Hampton
159 Pantigo Road
East Hampton, New York 11937
(631) 324-4142

Other Municipality Contact Info


City of Buffalo
Department of Permit & Inspection Services
Office of Licenses

65 Niagara Square City Hall 301
Buffalo, NY 14202
(716) 851-4798
City of Buffalo Licensing Application

Nassau County

Nassau County Department of Consumer Affairs
40 Old Country Rd
Mineola, NY 11501
(516) 571-2600
Nassau County Licensing Application

Westchester County

Department of Consumer Protection
148 Martine Avenue, Room 407
White Plains, NY 10601
(914) 995-2211
Westchester County Licensing Application