New Program for Ethics in Construction!

Choosing a contractor is the most important decision in any construction project. It can be extremely difficult to distinguish between a high quality, competent and experienced professional compared to someone who is posing as such. Often by the time their true colors are shown it can be too late.

The Builders License Training Institute is offering a new certification for construction professionals called the Certified Ethical Contractor (CEC) Program. Being a Certified Ethical Contractor means that a company has a proven record of quality work and ethical conduct. The Ethical Contractor Certification provides clients extra insight into why this contractor is a better value than the next.

While completing the CEC program contractors will learn how to improve their business practices and develop their company’s code of ethics. The certification package also includes tools to help businesses get the word out about their dedication to excellent work and positive customer relationships.

The CEC Certification Provides:

  • 30 hours of training on business, safety, and ethical practices.
  • Verified client reviews and testimonials.
  • 24 Pre-built construction safety meetings.
  • Digital and physical badges for your website, social media, vehicles, and business cards.
  • Listing on the Certified Ethical Contractor database.
  • Customized bid and contract statements.
  • Help building the company code of ethics.

Ready to Become A Certified Ethical Contractor?

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