Looking Forward: A Proposal for Rebuilding Post-Pandemic America

Published on July 17, 2020 by Nate Bortz

Looking Forward: A Proposal for Rebuilding Post-Pandemic America

In an effort to give you a break from the negative news cycle, we want to look forward toward the future and the many possibilities it brings for professional contractors.

In recent weeks, the Moving Forward Act made its way through Congress. The proposal allocates billions of dollars toward creating public infrastructure that is “smarter, safer, and made to last.” Alabama Representative Terri Sewell supports the bill, saying “Our country is in serious need of bold and comprehensive infrastructure reform. This was true before the coronavirus pandemic and it has become increasingly urgent as we continue to grapple with the ongoing healthcare and economic crises resulting from the pandemic.”

Just a few of the many proposed improvements include:

  • Improving affordable housing infrastructure by creating and preserving 1.8 million affordable homes
  • Establishing a new Neighborhood Investment tax credit that would subsidize certain development costs to encourage the rehabilitation of vacant homes or construction of new homes in distressed areas
  • Delivering better roads and bridges faster with more than $300 billion of investment that prioritizes fixing what America already has, including tens of thousands of structurally deficient bridges

As contractors, you’re responsible for much more than just building safe and efficient homes or infrastructure; your work can make a positive difference in communities around the country. The schools you help build or renovate (especially in lower income areas) bring opportunities for success that weren’t possible before. Working to increase affordable housing works toward lowering homeless rates and gives families a sense of security.

When it comes time to rebuild the nation (financially and literally), we are proud to help contractors like you make positive changes in your local community.