Licensed Builders are In Demand

Published on October 5, 2018 by Marie McCarthy

Get a Builder License

Builders are more in-demand than ever before. Contractors are hiring, and they’re looking for skilled, educated workers. Now is the time to get your Michigan Residential Builder or M&A license.

According to the Commercial Construction Index, more than half of contractors are looking to hire.

But contractors say it’s increasingly difficult to find skilled workers.

Employers are looking for you

63 percent of trade contractors say they have a hard time finding skilled workers, according to the Commercial Construction Index. A third of employers say this problem is just getting worse.

Become hireable. A license makes you competitive and ensures job security.

Consider your licensing exam as a short-term investment that will pay off in your long-term career. The construction industry is expected to grow by 12 percent over the next decade.

Customers want to hire licensed builders

Homeowners who need a job done are looking for someone they can trust. The demand for eco-friendly materials and building projects is growing. Customers want to find a builder who’s qualified and educated on these topics. Get licensed, and don’t be counted out next time someone’s looking for a builder.

You CAN pass your licensing exam.

Many builders avoid getting their license because they don’t think they can pass the exam. This just isn’t true! Today’s residential builder and M&A licensing prep classes can help you prepare and pass on your first try. Every day you wait to get licensed is costing your money.

Invest in your education. Continuing education and training improves your skillsets and makes you a more efficient, knowledgeable builder. To prepare for your licensing exams, look into flexible online classes.

  • Save money by skipping the classroom and learning online
  • Enroll in courses tailored to your state’s licensing exam
  • Refresh yourself on subjects like construction math, residential code review and green buildimg
  • Take your time. Study at your own pace from any computer, anywhere
  • Use your resources. Take advantage of personal support from instructors and licensing experts, just one phone call away to give you the clarification you need

NAIL the exam! Improve your skillsets. Get more customers. Make more money.