Georgia Contractor FAQs

Building projects that are $2500 or more (other than on your own home)
require one of the following licenses:

  • Georgia Residential Basic Contractor License – for building one and two-family homes or one-family townhouses not over three stories high, including accessory buildings. You are required to have two years working as or employed by a residential contractor or experience deemed substantially similar by licensing board. You must have two completed projects in the residential Basic category during the 2 years preceding application. Educational experience may also qualify.
  • Georgia Residential-Light Commercial Contractor License for building one and two- family homes or one-family townhouses not over three stories high, PLUS multi-family or multi-use light commercial buildings or structures and accessory buildings.  You are required to have four years working in the construction field, with two of them working for a residential contractor.  Educational experience may also qualify
  • Georgia General Contractor License – for any type of residential or commercial construction.  This work requires specific licensing for that area.  You are required to have a four-year degree from an accredited college in an acceptable field plus one year work experience, or four years of comparable work experience.  NOTE:  There are three types of Commercial Contractor license (Individual, Limited Tier Individual and Limited Tier Qualifying Agent), but all three types require that you pass the NASCLA-Accredited examination.

Construction is regulated at the state level. Counties and municipalities may require licensure.

There are two steps in getting licensed as one of the above building contractors:

  1. Complete the appropriate examination application and submit it to the Board office along with the supporting documents.  You must be approved by the State before you can register for Step 2, taking the State exam.  The Board office will notify the testing company of your approval at the same time they notify you.  You can download the application from this link:
  2. Once approved for examination eligibility by the Board office, register with PSI Examination Services to take the two part exam.  One part is the Business and Law exam and the other part is for the type of license you want to obtain, per the descriptions above.

PSI Exams

You can take the State tests at any PSI examination location, even those located out of Georgia.  The Board office will notify candidates of exam results.

State Licensing Board for Residential and General Contractors
237 Coliseum Drive
Macon GA 31217

Web site:
Phone: 478-207-2440 Fax: 887-588-0446

To contract legally in another state, you must meet the requirements of the other state.  To determine the requirements of another state, please contact that state board directly. (See NASCLA – below)

  • Each of these Contractor License Exam Prep courses take approximately 8-hours, but we move rapidly through the materials.  For a thorough review, you may want to allow twice that amount of time.
  • The NASCLA Accredited Commercial Contractor Course should take at least 24-30 hours.

Once you register, you have up to 6 months before your course is deactivated.  If you need longer, just give us a call and we can arrange an extension.


Applicants must complete 3 hours of acceptable continuing education each year for a Georgia Residential Basic license and 6 hours of continuing education each year for a Georgia Residential Light Commercial license, with a year being July 1st through June 30th.

Here are the licensing categories and amount of continued education that is required in each:

No Continued Education Required for
  • General Contractor Individual
  • General Contractor Limited Tier IND
  • General Contractor Limited Tier QA
  • General Contractor Qualifying Agent

Three (3) Hours Required for

  • Residential Basic Individual
  • Residential Basic Qualifying Agent

Six (6) Hours Required for

  • Residential Light Commercial Individual
  • Residential Light Qualifying Agent
If you do not know, you can either go to this web site: and look up your license or you can call (478) 207-2440.

Click on Continued Education above to see our selection of approved courses.

Yes.  The NASCLA-Accredited Exam replaces the Trades exam for Commercial Contractors.

The NASCLA-Accredited Commercial Contractors exam is accepted in eight States: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. This means that by passing one exam, you can easily become licensed to do commercial work in all eight states. Most of the states will require you to also pass the Business and Law exam for that State, but you will not be required to pass a separate Commercial Trades exam.

When you pass the NASCLA Accredited Examination for Commercial General Building Contractors, you will be listed in the NASCLA National Examination Database. You will then have this information available when you apply in any of the states that accept it.  You may also need to take each states’ specific business/law/project management exam in addition to the NASCLA exam.

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