Does Your Construction Company Use Drones?

If your construction company uses drones for surveying, excavating, or tracking progress, the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 signed by President Trump on October 5, 2018, may have an effect on your business.

The FAA is currently looking into how to best implement the Act, so until further notice all drone pilots are to follow current rules. However, once the Act is in full effect, the federal government will have the power to take control of your privately owned UAVs. Law enforcement will gain the ability to shoot any drones they determine are a threat to the security of aircraft or civilians.

As drone popularity increases in the recreational and business sectors, there is rising concern about drones in no-fly zones interfering with commercial flights. Many feel the FAA Reauthorization act goes too far and provides excessive power to local law enforcement. On the other hand, others believe it is important to implement stricter safety protocols to protect privacy and prevent crashes with airplanes.

Builders License Training Institute‘s drone instructor, Greg McMaster had this to say, “As the technology, use, and abuse continue to grow, I think it’s important that the FAA continues to keep safety paramount while allowing for testing and implementation of technology to help minimize injury. In the past year, Beyond Line of Sight and operating over people were denied by the FAA, now as new technology emerges, factually based reviews are suggesting that it can be conducted in a safe manner. Look for some restrictions to be lifted over the coming years in the transformation of this newly emerging technology.”

Do you want to use drones to enhance your construction company?
Follow these easy steps:

  1. Obtain an FAA Remote Pilot Airman Certificate
  2. Pay the $5 fee and register all aircraft weighing more than 0.55lbs.
  3. Pass the $150 Small UAS Remote Pilot Exam – exam prep is available here.
  4. Pass a TSA background check
  5. File FAA Form 8710-13
  6. Sign up for our online Drones in Construction courses for Continuing Education credit and tips on how to best utilize your drone.