Building with Laser Focus

Published on August 15, 2019 by Marie McCarthy

Building with Laser Focus

Construction takes laser focus – attention to detail, exact measurements, precise calculations and scrupulous mechanics are critical to a project’s success. Laser technology makes a project even easier by taking the guess work out of measuring and constructing models.

Lasers can be used to identify range, take measurements, take levels, evaluate a space and synthesize all those numbers into a three dimensional scan of a room. Utilizing the technology can help architects, builders, plumbers and contractors align their resources and labor harmoniously to move a project along on schedule.

The technology comes in many models but each one has varying degrees of accuracy. While some work well for short distance measurements, others can be used for longer range. Laser accessories can also be attached, such as a swivel base or a beam splitter.

The laser can also be used to speed up excavation work. Laser beams can be used in conjunction with digging equipment, and data can be input on an operator’s screen display. The operator can see where he or she is digging and monitor progress without interrupting their work.

Lasers are also used with global positioning equipment and for commercial processes. The technology is still in research and development, but new uses are anticipated in the future.