Building the Bathrooms and Kitchens of Millennial Dreams

Published on April 16, 2019 by Sara Chauvette

Building the Bathrooms and Kitchens of Millennial Dreams

71 million people in the United States fall under the millennial umbrella. This generation makes up the majority of those building and buying homes in today’s market and they spend an average of 17.7% more on kitchen remodels and 42.3% more on bathroom remodels. So, what are they looking for?

The millennial generation values clear space free of clutter and integrate technology into more of their daily tasks than their older counterparts.


This demographic spends a lot of time in the kitchen. Prior generations often saw cooking as a chore while millennials view it as an opportunity for entertaining and socialization. This change in function has lead to a change in design. Millennials prefer multiple work stations at a variety of heights to enable guests to socialize with the host as they prepare dinner. Kitchen builds and remodels should include space for televisions, docking stations, and home sound systems.

New appliances are following this trend as well. Many manufacturers are incorporating color touchscreen control, built in speakers, and smart technology that allows the homeowner to control their appliances remotely.


The technology trend carries over into the bathroom as well. 57% of faucets that homeowners select during a remodel include features like no fingerprint coatings and touchless activation.

Contractors should also consider leaving space for charging stations and speakers. Larger counter tops that provide more space and create a “splash-free” zone are increasing in popularity along with professional grade lighting.