Alabama Contractor FAQs

In Alabama, licenses are divided into two types:

  1. General Contractors
  2. Home Builders, Get started with an exam prep course above!
    Home Builders are further divided into two categories:

Unlimited Home Builder – New Residential Buildings and Repair:

“One who constructs a residence or structure for sale or who, for a fixed price, commission, fee, or wage, undertakes or offers to undertake the construction or superintending of the construction, or who manages, supervises, assists, or provides consultation to the homeowner regarding the construction or superintending of the construction, of any residence or structure which is not over three floors in height and which does not have more than four units in an apartment complex, or the repair, improvement, or re improvement thereof, to be used by another as a residence when the cost of the undertaking exceeds ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00). Nothing herein shall prevent any person from performing these acts on his or her own residence or on his or her other real estate holdings. Anyone who engages or offers to engage in such undertaking in this state shall be deemed to have engaged in the business of residential home building.” – per the Ala. Code 34-14A

Limited Home Builder – Repair and Improvement of Current Buildings:

“A residential home builder who holds a current and valid residential home builders license with a limitation may only engage in the business of residential home building, as referred to in Ala. Code § 34-14A-2(10), when the scope of the construction is limited to the repair, improvement, or re improvement, as such term is defined herein, of a residence or structure.” – per the Ala Admin. Code R. 465-X-3-.04(2)

Step 1. Request a license application form from:

General Contractors – Licensing Board for General Contractors
2525 Fairlane Drive (Executive Park)
Montgomery, Alabama 36116
(334) 272-5030 Ext 226
Fax: (334) 395-5336 
or visit for an online application and instructions.

Step 2. Complete the application and return it to the State.

Step 3. Once the State approves your application. Residential builders will be required to pass a Home Builders License Exam. Commercial Builders (General Contractors) are required to pass a Business and Law exam along with the NASCLA Accredited exam.

NEW TESTING INFORMATION (click to view pdf file)  Additional testing information and registration is available at

Step 1.  In order to obtain a State of Alabama Home Builders License, one must either:

  1. Obtain an application package by sending a written request along with a check or money order for $25 to Home Builders Licensure Board.  Be sure to state whether you are requesting an unlimited license application or a limited license application package. Complete the appropriate application form and return the notarized application with a check or money order made payable to the Home Builders Licensure Board.
    The package contains a copy of the law and the rules and regulations governing the Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board. The Board is authorized to license and regulate the residential construction and remodeling industries in the state, under the authority of Title 34, Section 14A, of the Code of Alabama. Please review the “Instructions” page of the application package.
  2.  To download a printable copy of the new license application package, click below for the appropriate application package

The form must then be completed, signed, notarized and returned with a check or money order made payable to the Home Builders Licensure Board in the amount of $350.00 ($250 license fee and $100 new license application processing fee).

  • In order to receive an Unlimited License, take and pass the Alabama Home Builders Exam.
  • No authorization is required to take the exam.
  • Testing facilities are located in Auburn, Birmingham (2), Enterprise, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery, Sheffiel, and Tuscaloosa.
    NEW TESTING INFORMATION (click to view pdf file)
      Additional testing information and registration is available at
  •  Request that a current credit report on the individual or business who is making the application be
    sent to the Board directly from a credit-reporting agency.
  • If applying as a corporation, limited liability company or limited partnership,
    • Provide a Certificate of Good Standing from the Alabama Department of Revenue.
    • Provide a copy of the Articles of Incorporation, the Articles of Organization, or the partnership agreement as applicable.
    • Additionally, if applying as a corporation, provide a listing of officers.
  • If applying as a foreign (out-of-state) corporation, limited liability company or limited partnership, also provide a Certificate of Existence from Alabama
    Secretary of State.

Step 2. Complete the application and return it to the State.

Step 3. Schedule to take the exam  (New Testing Company and Rules As Of January 1, 2017)

Scheduling for the exam is a 3 step process

  1. Register and select which tests you wish to take.
  2. Find available seats in your area – During this step, you will select the date and location where you wish to take the test.
  3. Make your payment – Scheduling is not complete until payment has been made to Prov.

The Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board has contracted with Prov, Inc. to develop, and administer their licensing examination program for state-licensed home builders.

Alabama law requires that each individual who is engaged in residential construction in the state of Alabama to be licensed. To become licensed, a company representative must demonstrate competency by passing the required exams for which licensure is being sought.

If you have questions regarding which exams to take, you may call the Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board at (334) 242-2230.

Once scheduling is complete, you will be sent an appointment letter which includes your testing session details.

For testing questions call:

Prov, Inc.
5200 NW 43rd Street
Gainesville, FL 32606

Ph: (866) 720-7768
Office Hours: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

To access a complete copy of the State of Alabama Home Builders License Board Examinations Candidate Information Bulletin click here.

The Home Builders License course takes approximately 8 hours, but we move rapidly through the materials. For a thorough review, you may want to allow twice that amount of time.

Once you register, you have up to 6 months before your course is deactivated. If you need longer, just give us a call so we can arrange an extension.

Yes! Alabama now requires commercial contractors to pass the NASCLA Accredited exam for General Contractors.

When you pass the NASCLA Accredited Examination for Commercial General Building Contractors, you will be listed in the NASCLA National Examination Database. You will then have this information available for the following states which accept this NASCLA Accredited Examination: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisianna, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, US Virgin Islands, Virginia and West Virginia. You may also need to take each states’ specific business/law/project management exam in addition to the NASCLA exam.

There are no requirements for Continuing Education at this time. Licenses expire December 31 each year. Renewal is annual.

  • Information Last Updated: 02/2020
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