General contractors are not licensed at the state level (go to: for information for starting a business in Vermont).  Check with local city/county for requirements and regulations.
For Electrician and Plumbers License, contact the Division of Fire Safety – Office of the State Fire Marshal at:
For Asbestos and Lead paint abatement, contact the Vermont Department of Health
Lead Poisoning Prevention at:  (800) 489-8550 –

No, not at the state level. For general contractors but check with local city/county for their requirements. Training/education, experience and exams are required for electrical, plumbing, asbestos and lead abatement and some specialty trades. Check the web sites listed above for requirements.

Asbestos/Lead abatement certification must be renewed annually and requires refresher course every 3 years. Electrical License renews every 3 years and requires 15 hours of code for Journeyman and Master electricians and minimum 8 hour for type-S journeyman in their specialty (maximum 15 hours if licensed in more than 2 fields). Plumbing license renews every 2 years and requires 8 hours of continued education.


Check with county and local municipalities

Electrical license has reciprocity with New Hampshire and Maine. Any applicant for certification for Asbestos & Lead abatement who is licensed, certified, or permitted in another state may petition the Department to grant certification without repetition of the training requirements provided the training course was taken after September of 1990. A person to whom a Plumbers license has been issued by another state or municipality may be exempt from taking the exam in Vermont provided the requirements to obtain their license are equivalent to those of Vermont.

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