Michigan LARA & BCC to Start Implementing Citations This Fall

Effective October 1, 2020, Michigan Bureau of Construction Codes (BCC) team members may issue a citation to a person that is licensed under 1980 PA 299, or 2016 PA 407, or required to hold a license or certificate under these acts if staff observes from an investigation, inspection, or complaint that conduct or conditions exist or have existed that violate these acts. Citations will not be issued for violations of the code as there are existing remedies to resolve code deficiencies.

The following are a list of violations subject to a citation being issued along with a brief description of conduct or conditions observed, and individuals that may be subject to the citation being issued:

Lack of Identification

Conduct/condition: No proof of licensure and government-issued photo identification.

Individuals: Anyone required to be licensed under 2016 PA 407, specifically: building officials, inspectors, electricians, plumbers, mechanical contractors, and boiler tradesmen. 

No Permit Status

Conduct/condition: No documentation of permit where required before work commences.

Individuals: Anyone required to be licensed under 1980 PA 299, or 2016 PA 407, specifically: building officials, inspectors, electricians, plumbers, mechanical contractors, residential builders, maintenance & alteration contractors, and boiler tradesmen. 

Unregistered Apprentice

Conduct/condition: Non-licensed individual on worksite assisting with electrical or plumbing work.

Individuals: Anyone required to be registered under 2016 PA 407, specifically: apprentice electricians and apprentice plumbers. 

Operation of a Boiler Without a Valid Certificate

Conduct/condition: Boiler found operating with a certificate blocking violation and existing code deficiencies that are not corrected.

Individuals: Anyone responsible for the boiler. 

Any citation issued will include actions required for compliance along with the payment of a fine not to exceed $100.00 for each violation. Please note that a citation can either be accepted or contested within 30 days of issuance. If you have any questions concerning this notification, please contact the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs at 517-241-9302 or LARA-BCC-Help@michigan.gov.

Cold Weather Tips For Michigan Builders

Contractors are generally considered a rough and rowdy bunch, ready to take on challenges and weather conditions that most professions won’t even consider.  Michigan Contractors are no exception.  They’re used to long cold winters with gray cloudy days and below-freezing temperatures.

If you’re going to stay in business in the “Great White North” you’re going to need to weather the elements from time to time. Here are a few tips to help you and your crew stay safe and warm on the job site.

  • Keep track of weather forecasts and adjust your schedule and location accordingly. It’s only common sense to have your guys working indoors during an ice storm instead of the roof.
  • Make sure your workers are wearing proper protective clothing and equipment. You should require everyone to wear the right clothing, heavy socks, insulated boots and shoes with non-slip soles, gloves, hats, heavy jackets etc. to prevent frostbite and hypothermia. Companies such as The Warming Store, Milwaukee and DeWalt offer winter gear with heating elements built right into the garment.
  • Provide a warm break area with proper heating and ventilation. Encourage your crew to fill their thermos with plenty of hot water. Drinking hot/warm water will help to maintain body temperature.
  • Educate supervisors and crew members on the signs of Hypothermia and Frostbite. They should be able to spot signs and symptoms of Hypothermia and Frostbite and seek medical attention for themselves and/or crew members.

Following these simple suggestions and more will ensure you and your crew will be warm and safe during Michigan’s harshest winter work days.

On days when the weather is too bad to make it to the job site, you and your crew can still be productive. Check out the online courses offered by The Builders License Training Institute. Courses are available online 24/7 to prepare for taking the Michigan Builders License Exam, as well as Michigan required Continuing Education for license renewal. Need your Michigan Salesperson License? There’s an exam prep course for you too!  Code Officials and Manufactured Housing Installers can also take advantage of online anytime required renewal courses!

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Michigan Builders and M&A Contractors licensed less than 6 years must complete 21 hours of state-approved continuing education. Those licensed more than 6 years are required to complete a 3-hour code, law and safety course.

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Michigan Builders License Exam Prep & State Approved Continuing Education

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