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Statewide Building Codes 

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PSI NOTE:  No Loose papers or unbound references are permitted. If you download a reference from the internet, it must be spiral bound or hole-punched and placed in a binder, or stapled in the LEFT hand corner.



CVA_NASCLA_8thontractors Guide to Business, Law, and Project Management – Virginia, 8th Edition
by the National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies (NASCLA).This book is recommended by the state of Virginia as a helpful text in studying for the Virginia (Part 1), General (Part 2) or Advanced (Part 3) portions of the Class A or Class B Contractor exams. Your are allowed to take this book with you into the exam.

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A great book for builders and contractors exam prep in Alabama.29 CFR Part 126 Code of Federal Regulations
This is a compilation of safety requirements for construction projects

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International Residential Code, 2012

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Construction Math. A great tool to help you get your builders or contractors license in Arkansas.Construction Math Online Video Tutorial


This 3-hour online video tutorial contains 42 math problems similar to those you will see on the State exam.  This course is approved for 3 hours towards prelicensure or continued education.Produced by Builders License Training Institute, our Construction Math course is fully narrated and easy to understand! Just follow along with Josh Francis as he demonstrates over 40 construction math situations that builders are faced with daily.