Residential Building Contractors Exam Course

Residential Building Contractor Exam Course
This course covers all topics on the residential building contractor licensing exam.


NOTE: The Contractor’s Guide to Business and Project Management – South Carolina for Residential Builders is allowed into the exam. While we no longer sell the book, you are able to purchase the book from other retailers such as Amazon or PSI Exams.

This course covers all topics on the Residential Building Contractor licensing exam. Our integrated videos and slides, along with the hundreds of practice questions make sure you pass the first time. There are 80 questions in this examination. You will need to answer 55 questions correctly in order to pass. You are allowed 240 minutes to complete this examination. All residential builders are required to pass both the Business Management and Law along with the Residential Building Contractors Exam.


Our course covers the following subject areas thoroughly:

  • Sitework and Foundations – 7 questions
  • Concrete – 4 questions
  • Concrete-Reinforcement – 4 questions
  • Masonry – 8 questions
  • Carpentry – 14 questions
  • Associated Trades and Drywall – 19 questions
  • Roofing – 5 questions
  • Estimating-Plan Reading – 19 questions


How do I get my residential builder license in South Carolina?

To become licensed as a home builder in South Carolina, you are required to:

•  File a written application as required by the Commission.

•  Submit a certified check, cashiers check or money order for $100 for the application fee.

•  Submit an affidavit showing proof of at least one year actual experience under the supervision of a licensed builder.

•  Pass an examination given by PSI

•  Pay a $160 license fee (certified check or money order) and provide proper financial responsibility.

A license may be granted without examination to those builders in good standing in other states deemed by the Commission to have comparable exams.

The license must be renewed every 2 years.

Residential contractors may obtain licensing information from the following:

Residential Builders Commission
P.O. Box 11329
Columbia SC 29211

Web site:
Phone: (803) 896-4696
Fax: (803) 896-4696

What do I have to do to get my South Carolina commercial contractor license?

  • Step One – Send you Examination Registration Form to PSI along with the correct payment for the examination.
  • Step Two – After approval by PSI, you will be sent a Registration Confirmation Notice advising you of the 1 year eligibility to take the examination.
  • Step Three – Prepare for the examination by using the examination outline in the Candidate Information Bulletin and the suggested study materials that cover the outline topics.
  • Step Four – Be sure to take proper identification with you you to your scheduled examination appointment.
  • Final Step – Upon passing the examination, you may then submit your commercial license application to the SC Contractors’ Licensing Board.

Is contractor continued education required in South Carolina?

There are no continuing education credits needed at this time.

The Residential Builders License is renewable every two (2) years, before June 30, of each even year (2012, 2014, 2016, etc)

Is the NASCLA Accredited Commercial Contractor license accepted in South Carolina? 


When you pass the NASCLA Accredited Examination for Commercial General Building Contractors, you will be listed in the NASCLA National Examination Database. You will then have this information available for the following states which accept this NASCLA Accredited Examination: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisianna, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.