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Project Management, Including 2 Hours of Energy Code

This is the fastest and most convenient method of completing your Minnesota builders and remodelers continued education.

Project Management, Including 2 Hours of Energy Code

Approved by the State of Minnesota and fulfills 7 hours of continued education toward the Minnesota Builders license, Contractors license or Manufactured Home Installer license.


Price: $99.00


How much continuing education do I need?

You are required to complete 7 hours per year, for a total of 14 hours for every two-year licensing cycle, with at least ONE Hour of Energy Code included.  Half of the builders must renew each year by March 31st.



This seven hour Project Management course includes two hours of Energy Code.  The course focuses on the three primary responsibilities of a project manager: managing project costs and time, while completing the project to the expected degree of quality. This course is also a review of the Energy Codes and Regulations for the State of Minnesota.


Chapter 1- Cost Management

Objectives: 1) Explain the steps and considerations necessary to develop a project budget, 2) Understand the value of a well managed project budget.

Chapter 2- General Guidelines of Lending

Objectives: 1) Identify the major elements of a typical construction loan, 2) Describe the process of acquiring a construction loan.

Chapter 3 – Time Management

Objectives: 1) Recognize the importance of developing a project schedule,

2) Explain the features and benefits of a Critical Path Schedule.

Chapter 4- Quality Control

Objectives: 1) Describe the benefits of good communication with subcontractors, 2) Recognize the key elements and benefits of improved quality control.

Chapter 5 – Erosion Control

Objectives: 1) Understand the contractor’s responsibility for erosion control, 2) Identify Best Management Practices that can reduce soil erosion and potential pollutants.

Chapter 6- Green Jobsite

Objectives: 1) Explain the benefits of energy efficient solar design and landscaping, 2) Describe some of the problems and solutions surrounding jobsite recycling.

Chapter 7- Energy Codes

Objectives: 1) Describe the details regarding the building features and equipment systems as they pertain to the Minnesota Energy Code, 2) Recognize how the energy code can ultimately reduce and conserve energy consumption.

Glossary of Terms

Final Assessment–30 Multiple choice questions (our program will not allow you to fail)


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