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Arizona Contractor License Courses

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Our Arizona contractor license courses are easy to use and understand.  We combine HD Videos, engaging slides and practice questions that are as close to the real test as it gets. Start right now with immediate access from any computer or mobile device; come and go as you please 24/7.

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Online Courses:

Contractor Business Management Online Exam Prep Course

This text and video course will prepare you to pass the Business Management exam. Applicants for an Arizona builder’s license are required to take and pass two exams.  The first of these is the Arizona Business Management exam, which covers topics relating to the conduct of business in the state of Arizona.


Price: $69.00
B/B-2 General Residential and Small Commercial Contractor Course

This licensing exam is for Residential Builders, Small Commercial Builders, or both.  This license covers the construction of all or any part of a residential structure, except for electrical, plumbing, air conditioning systems, boilers, swimming pools, spas, and roofing (except for shingles and shakes).  This license also includes work in B-3 and most of the C Specialties.


Price: $99.00
B-1 General Commercial Contractor License Course

This licensing exam is for building, remodeling or repairing any structure over $250,000 (labor and materials) and three stories or more, used for the enclosure of persons, animals or movable property. This license includes the supervision of all or any part of the above and includes the management or direct or indirect supervision of any work performed.  This license also includes most of the L specialties.


Price: $99.00
B-3  General Residential Remodeling and Repair Contractor License Course

C-61 Limited Remodeling and Repair Contractor Residential Course

L-61  Carpentry Remodeling and Repairs Commercial Course

All three of License Categories are qualified with the same test

This licensing exam is for remodeling or repair of existing residential structures except for electrical, plumbing, mechanical, boilers, swimming pools or spas which must be subcontracted to an appropriately licensed contractor.  C-7 carpentry classification is included.


Price: $99.00


How do I get my contractor license in Arizona?

Obtain an application for a contractor’s license and an application for examination from any office of the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, or download the Contractors License Application Package from

Arizona Registrar of Contractors
1700 West Washington St. Suite 105
Phoenix, AZ  85007-2812
(602) 542-1525

The following must be submitted along with the application:

  1. Original examination score (See PSI Candidate Information Bulletin for instructions to register for exams and answers to commonly asked questions
  2. Experience Record Form
  3. All license fees and Recovery Fund fees (if applicable).
  4. A license bond must be provided with the license application. The amount of the bond required depends upon the classification of license and your anticipated gross volume of business.
  5. Your Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax Number must be included with the license application.
  6. Financial Statement
  7. Proof of Workers Compensation Insurance

Information on License Classification Requirements, License fees, Experience Record form, obtaining a surety bond and Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax Number, instructions, links and answers to many questions can be found on the application which can be downloaded from the Arizona website at:


Are there any education, exam or experience requirements to get my Arizona Contractors License?


All candidates are required to take and pass a Business Management Examination which contains questions on state and federal laws and the management of construction projects, business, and financial management.  Some license classifications also require passing a trade exam.  All testing requirements must be completed before submitting your application.  Information on individual trade exams may be found at (800) 733-9267. The PSI Candidate Information Bulletin (PFD) contains instructions to register for exams and answers to commonly asked questions.  Your original examination score report must be submitted with the License Application.

Credit is given for experience as a journeyman, foreman, supervising employee or contractor.  Contracting experience will also be considered from currently licensed Arizona Contractors, formerly licensed contractors and official personnel. Refer to form: License Classification Requirements RC-L-206B to determine License Classification experience and testing requirements.


How long does it take to complete the exam prep courses?

  • Each of these courses take approximately 8-hours, but we move rapidly through the materials.  For a thorough review, you may want to allow twice that amount of time.

Once you register, you have up to 6 months before your course is deactivated.  If you need longer, just give us a call so we can arrange an extension.


Is contractor continued education required in Arizona?

No, however, a license is issued for two years and must be renewed biennially.  You will be sent a renewal notice in the mail.


Is the NASCLA Accredited Commercial Contractor license accepted in Arizona?



Does Arizona require a General Contractor (commercial contractor) license?



Does Arizona have reciprocity with other States?

Arizona has entered into a reciprocity agreement with California, Nevada, and Utah. Under the agreement, Arizona can accept the licensing qualifications of these states.  Applicants will be required to pass the Arizona Business Management examination and complete all other requirements for licensing in Arizona.

Arizona does not recognize contractor’s license issued by other states. However, if you have trade experience or a contractor’s license from another state, this experience may be acceptable to qualify for a license in Arizona which you must apply for with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors.


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