Kentucky State Licensing Requirements

Plumbing, HVAC, fire protection systems, and boiler contractors are required to be state licensed.  Electricians must be certified by the state and licensed locally.  General Contractor license is regulated at the city/county level.

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How do I get my contractor license in Kentucky?

Information may be obtained from:

Department of Housing, Buildings & Construction
101 Sea Hero Rd., Suite 100
Frankfort, KY  40601
Phone:  (502) 573-0364
Fax:  (502) 573-1057

Or contact your county or local municipality

Are there any Education, Exam or Experience requirements to get my Kentucky Contractors License?

 Check with county and local municipality regulations 

Is contractor continued education required in Kentucky?

Check with county and local municipality regulations

Is the NASCLA Accredited Commercial Contractor license accepted in Kentucky?


Does Kentucky require a General contractor (commercial contractor) license?

Check with county and local municipality

Reciprocity with other states?

Check with county and local municipalities.

Information is continually added and updated. Please check back.