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Colorado State Licensing Requirements

General construction contractors are not regulated by the state but on the local level through counties, municipalities or regional regulatory jurisdictions that encompass both.  Local and municipal governments usually follow the Uniform Building Code.  Electrical or Plumbing contractors are regulated at the state level.

How do I get my contractor license in Colorado?

Information may be obtained from:

Department of Regulatory Agencies
1560 Broadway  Suite 1350
Denver, CO  80202

Or contact your county or local municipality

Are there any Education, Exam or Experience requirements to get my Colorado Contractors License?

Some municipalities do require passing an examination prior to receiving a license for all or some types of building contractors.  As authority to regulate differs between counties and municipalities, so too does the regulation within a county or municipality.  Although there is general uniformity between jurisdictions, there are times when local communities in the same area all have different requirements for the installation or construction of a particular task.  In the six-county area surrounding Denver, there are over 30 separate jurisdictions so a contractor operating in more than one community may be required to follow different building code procedures when performing the same task.  You must check the building regulations and requirements for each jurisdiction you will be operating in.

Is contractor continued education required in Colorado?

Check with county and local municipalities regulations

Is the NASCLA Accredited Commercial Contractor license accepted in Colorado?


Does Colorado require a General contractor (commercial contractor) license?

Check with county and local municipalities

Reciprocity with other states?

Check with county and local municipalities.  Most cities and counties requiring licensing recognize a common Reciprocal Construction Supervisor Exam (RCSE) for licensing purposes.


Information is continually added and updated.  Please check back.

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