RI Positive Communication and Ethics 1HR CE Course Syllabus






Course Description

As a building official, it is important to have strong interpersonal and communication skills that will foster effective, cooperative working relationships with city staff members, property owners, the building, and development community. Very often, a building official functions as an overall office manager, planning and assigning work, and providing guidance and training clerical and technical staff. This one hour course outlines some of the strategies used to create a positive work environment.


1.  Organizational Conflict
2.  Strategies to Resolve
3.  Use and Occupancy
Listening Skills

1.  Hearing vs. Listening
2.  Active Listening

Body Language

1.  Facial Expressions
2.  Arms and Legs
3.  Torso


1.  Basics
2.  Building Trust
3.  Spoilers
Workplace Culture

1.  Bonding
2.  Structure
3.  Defense

Assessment: 15 questions

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