Complete Renewal Package #2 | Rhode Island

This 5 hour complete package consists of 2 courses:

  • 3 Hour Drones in Construction
  • 2 Hour Building Green
  • Free Video Course:  Social Media for Contractors



Drones in Construction

Instructor:  Greg MacMaster

Drones are the new tool companies are raving about for their marketing and personal use. There are many uses for drones in the construction industry, but there are rules and regulations set in place that currently don’t allow them. So why should you care? Stay up to date with technology and ahead of the competition. This course is designed to familiarize business owners with the practical use of drone technology.

This Course Covers:

  • Overview
  • Types of Drones
  • Federal Rules and Regulations
  • Costs
  • Industry Uses
  • Surveying and Mapping
  • Measuring and Scanning
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Security

Building Green

Instructor:  J. Mac Dowell

This two-hour video course will bring attention to methods of green building that allow homes to have less impact on the environment while providing a greater economic benefit to the homeowner. Even as technological innovation creates new construction possibilities, incorporating energy-efficiency into building projects can not only provide a better quality of life but also protect the environment. A comprehensive approach to resource and energy efficiency is the best method to achieve a resource and energy efficient building.

This Course Covers: 

  • Heat Transfer and Thermal Imaging (20 Minutes)
  • Advanced Framing Techniques (20 Minutes)
  • Air Barriers (20 Minutes)
  • Insulation (20 Minutes)
  • Foam Insulation/Sheathing (25 Minutes)

Social Media Marketing for Construction Trades

Learn the ins and outs of social media marketing from experts that work in both social media and the construction industry. Use these tools and tricks to upgrade your personal and professional profiles, drive leads, and increase business.


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