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Project Management | Minnesota

7 Hour Audio Course
Includes 2 hrs of Energy Code for Contractors
Approval #20200288 and #20200374 

Study the responsibilities and proven methods experienced contractors and builders use to effectively manage all aspects of a building project. 

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This educational offering is recognized by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry as satisfying seven (7) hours of credit toward Residential Building Contractor continuing education requirements including 2 hours of Energy Code.

Instructor:  Scott Corbat

This seven hour course focuses on the primary responsibilities of a project manager: managing project costs and time, while completing the project to the expected degree of quality.  This requires close attention to detail before beginning actual construction, as well as during the project.  Taking proactive measures will help the project manager determine possible obstacles before they occur.  This course will analyze all three primary areas. The student will learn how to implement proven methods to manage most effectively.

The 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) is now made part of the Minnesota State Building Code per the provisions of the Minnesota Rules, Chapter 1300. The 2012 IECC Chapters 2 through 5 must be administered by any municipality that has adopted this code. Chapter 7 of this course is designed to provide students with a foundation of building features and equipment systems as they pertain to Minnesota Energy Codes, and help students recognize how these codes can ultimately reduce and conserve energy consumption.

Learning objectives are provided to facilitate student understanding and progress.  Informal progress checks throughout each module help students review and measure their understanding of the material.  The chapter assessments accurately reflect the information covered.  Students must answer 70% of the questions correctly in order to receive credit/certification for the course.

This Course Covers:

  • Necessary Steps for Developing a Project Budget and the benefits of cost management
  • Primary Objectives of a Project Manager
  • Benefits of Cost Management
  • Creating a List of Projected Costs and understanding a Fixed Price Agreement
  • Describing What Costs Fall into Project and Company Overhead Categories
  • Contingency Costs and correctly Calculating Profit Margin
  • Difference Between Wage and Profit for Your Company
  • Change Orders and cost overruns
  • Costs for Usage of Small and Large Equipment on Projects
  • Price per Square Foot
  • Loan applications, different Types of Construction Loans and title requirements for loans
  • Fining and selecting Subcontractors 
  • Dos and Don'ts of a Project Manager
  • Soil Erosion and contractor Responsibilities Associated with Erosion Control

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