Contracts, Liabilities and Risk Management | Oregon

5 Hour Video Course | Approval #SRA0009
Understanding how to utilize contract law for risk and liability management will protect your business from unscrupulous people.
0.5 ICC Admin CEUs – Approval #25683



Instructor: Scott Corbat

This five hour video course explains the principles of contract law and the important elements of a home building and remodeling contract. It is in the best interest of any contractor to be able to understand the basic principles of a contract, and how to craft one that is binding and legal.  There are many elements to consider, from the initial process of placing a bid to the final signing of a mutually agreed upon contract.  Understanding the concepts of offer and acceptance, consideration, fraud and breach of contract are necessary in order to create a document that meets the requirements of the law, and is to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

This Course Covers:

  • Contract Rules and Elements (30 minutes)
  • Contract Types (30 minutes)
  • Retainage and Scope Creep (30 minutes)
  • Bidding and Letters of Intent (30 minutes)
  • Contract Formatting (20 minutes)
  • Offer and Acceptance (35 minutes)
  • Consideration (30 minutes)
  • Duress and Fraud (30 minutes)
  • Breach of Contract (35 minutes)


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