Project Management | Oregon

5 Hours Audio Course | Approval #SRA0011
Study the responsibilities and proven methods experienced contractors and builders use to effectively manage all aspects of a building project. 



Instructor: Scott Corbat

This fully narrated five-hour course focuses on the primary responsibilities of a project manager: managing project costs and time while completing the project to the expected degree of quality.  This requires close attention to detail before beginning actual construction, as well as during the project.  Taking proactive measures will help the project manager determine possible obstacles before they occur.  This course will analyze all three primary areas. The student will learn how to implement proven methods to manage most effectively.

Students will also learn of building features and equipment systems as they pertain to energy efficiency, helping students recognize how these methods can ultimately reduce and conserve energy consumption.  They will identify how moisture enters the structural cavities of a building and how to avoid these problems using the correct installation of thermal and weather resistant building components.

This Course Covers:

  • Cost Management
  • General Guidelines for Lending
  • Time Management
  • Quality Control
  • Energy Efficiency/Interior Environment
  • Moisture Intrusion


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