Marketing for Contractors | Oregon Approval #SRA0010


5 Credit Hours | Online HD Video Course | Instructor:  Scott Corbat
Effective marketing to new clients is a struggle for many Oregon business owners.  Explore the techniques successful contractors use to put together a cost-effective marketing program to increase business year round.

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Marketing for Building Contractors



Course Description

Marketing is an essential part of running a successful business.  This five hour course will show students how to put together a customized, cost-effective marketing program that will work year after year.   Even those building contractors who have already been in business for years will learn how to build strength in the marketing aspects of their company, including a cost-effective method of generating leads.  Students will also learn how to incorporate successful marketing tactics simultaneously. 

Learning objectives are provided to facilitate student understanding and progress.   Informal progress checks throughout the  module help students review and measure their understanding of the material.  The chapter final assessment at the end of each chapter accurately reflects the information covered.  Students must answer 70% of the questions correctly in order to receive credit/certification for the course.




Chapter 1 – The Market (25 minutes)

*Learning Objectives:  1) Recognize the value of marketing, and how to identify your marketing goals. 2)  Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your company.  3)  Be able to analyze the competition and your target base.

1.  Marketing basics

2.  Determining your goals

3.  Identify your niche

4.  Competitors

Chapter 2 – Circle of Influence (20 minutes)

*Learning Objectives:  1)  Create a meaningful marketing message that targets your circle of influence. 2) Determine your budget.  3)  Understand the steps to finding the right marketing team.

1.  Developing a message

2.  Determine your Circle of Influence

3.  Costs of a marketing program

4.  Who will get the job done?

Chapter 3 – Branding (30 minutes)

*Learning Objectives:  1)  Explain the importance of public perception of your image or brand.  2)  Manage the brand, company name and logo to best advantage.

1.  Company Image

2.  Company name and logo

Chapter 4 – Signage (20 minutes)

*Learning Objectives:  1) Use printed marketing materials to your advantage. 2)  Recognize and integrate the benefits of signage. 

1.  Printed marketing materials

2.  Truck signage:  Do’s and Don’ts’

3.  Office staff

Chapter 5 – Customer Relationships (25 minutes)   

*Learning Objectives:  1)  Explain the importance of creating customer loyalty, through referrals, testimonials, and a Circle of Influence. 2)  Understand the importance of repeat and referral business.

1.  Repeat customers and referrals

2.  Communication program

3.  Testimonials

Chapter 6 – Reaching the Customer (20 minutes)

*Learning Objectives:  1)  Discuss and evaluate the several ways to expand your targeted customer base.  2)  Integrate these methods into a successful marketing campaign.

1.  Mailings

2.  Networking

Chapter 7 – Targeting (20 minutes)

*Learning Objectives:  1)  Determine prospective clients and how best to target them.  2)  Explain the role of canvassing and telemarketing, and the rules and regulations surrounding that type of marketing.

1.  Jobsite prospecting

2.  Canvassing and telemarketing

Chapter 8 – Networking (25 minutes)

*Learning Objectives:  1) Use your experience to market yourself through educational seminars.  2) Learn to use community and charity events to your advantage.

1.  Professional branding

2.  Charitable events

Chapter 9 – Websites (25 minutes)

*Learning Objectives:  1) Understand how prospective clients use the internet to find builders.  2) Recognize how web sites and social media can boost your presence in the market.

1.  Web site basics

2.  Promoting and updating the site

Chapter 10 – Media and Home shows (30 minutes)

*Learning Objectives:  1) Describe how to implement a practical and successful ad campaign.  2) Explain the benefits of working a professional show and of maintaining your own showroom.

1.  Media advertising:  pros and cons

2.  Home show tricks and considerations

Chapter 11 – Market Analysis (15 minutes)

*Learning Objective:  1)  Examine the value of tracking your leads and evaluating your customer’s assessment of your services. 

1.  Tracking success and /or failures

2.  Evaluations


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