Marketing for Contractors | Oregon

5 Hours Video Course | Approval #SRA0010
Effective marketing to new clients is a struggle for many business owners.  Explore successful techniques of a cost-effective marketing program to increase business year round. 




Instructor: Scott Corbat

Marketing is an essential part of running a successful business.  This five hour course will show students how to put together a customized, cost-effective marketing program that will work year after year.   Even those building contractors who have already been in business for years will learn how to build strength in the marketing aspects of their company, including a cost-effective method of generating leads.  Students will also learn how to incorporate successful marketing tactics simultaneously.

This Course Covers:

  • The Market – basics, goals, and competitors (25 minutes)
  • Circle of Influence (20 minutes)
  • Branding (30 minutes)
  • Signage (20 minutes)
  • Customer Relationships (25 minutes)   
  • Reaching the Customer (20 minutes)
  • Targeting (20 minutes)
  • Networking (25 minutes)
  • Websites (25 minutes)
  • Media and Home shows (30 minutes)
  • Market Analysis (15 minutes)


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