Tax Fraud and Abuse | Professional Development


1 Hour | Online Course | Instructor:  J. MacDowell
Failing to understand tax law can ruin a successful building company. This course will help you understand ethical and responsible tax reporting and payment procedures.

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Tax Fraud and Abuse


Course Description

Having a reputation for straight forward business practices can only help your business.  In the current environment of corporate malfeasance, customers will welcome and value a company that promotes principled business practices. This one hour video course will provide an overview of ethical and responsible tax reporting and payment that will help you establish and maintain hard earned business relationships.

After completing this course participants will be able to:

  • Explore the ethical implications of illegal tax reporting.
  • Recognize what factors motivate illegal misclassification of employees.
  • Identify the ramifications of irresponsible employee identification and wage reporting.
  • Accurately distinguish the difference between contract and independent labor and the correct use of the 1099 Form.

Course Syllabus


Tax Fraud and Abuse

Lesson One:  Ethical Implications

 *Learning Objective:   1) Explore the ethical implications of illegal tax reporting.

1.  Gaming the System
2.  Rigged Bids

3.  Why Does it Matter?

a.  Lost Revenue
b.  Inflated Insurance/Taxes
c.  Underground Economy


Lesson Two:  Employee vs. Contractor

 *Learning Objective:  1) Differentiate between contract and independent labor.

1.  Twenty Factor Test
2.  Who is Responsible?

3.  Economic Reality Test




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