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Course Description

This seven-hour course is a review of the safety codes required for residential construction. Students will be able to understand and describe the basic components of a construction safety program. They will recognize the hazards inherent at a construction job site and describe ways to prevent those hazards. Finally, they will learn the responsibilities of both the employer and the employee in observing established safety practices. 

Learning objectives are provided to facilitate student understanding and progress. Informal progress checks throughout the module help students review and measure their understanding of the material. The assessment at the end of each chapter accurately reflects learning objectives. A 70% passing score on each assessment is required to move on to the next chapter. Students must answer 70% of the questions correctly on the Final Exam in order to receive credit/certification for the course.


Chapter 1 – Introduction  

Learning Objectives:

1) Describe the differences between Minnesota and federal OSHA regulations and standards
2) Distinguish between employer and employee rights and responsibilities

Chapter 2 – Personal Protective Equipment  

Learning Objectives:

1) Describe the causes of the most common workplace injuries
2) Name the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) most often used to protect workers

Chapter 3 – Falls in Construction 

Learning Objectives:

1) Describe methods of fall protection available to workers
2) Explain the main criteria that prompt the use of fall protection for construction workers

Chapter 4 – Stairways and Ladders

Learning Objectives:

1) Describe safety guidelines and requirements for stairways used at a construction site
2) List safe practices and requirements for ladders used at a construction site

Chapter 5 – Scaffolds

Learning Objectives:

1) Recognize the hazards associated with different types of scaffolds.
2) Understand the procedures that must be followed in order to control and minimize those hazards

Chapter 6 – Excavations

Learning Objectives:

1) State the greatest risk that is present at an excavation
2) Describe the three primary methods for protecting employees from cave-ins
3) Name factors that pose a hazard to employees working in excavations, and how to reduce those hazards
4) Describe the role of a competent person at an excavation site

Chapter 7 – Electrical Safety

Learning Objectives:

1) Describe the basics of electrical safety and the injuries that can be caused by improper contact
2) Identify the hazards of electricity on a construction site and the best way to prevent those hazards from occurring

Chapter 8 – Egress/Fire Protection 

Learning Objectives:

1) Describe OSHA requirements for proper fire prevention, egress, and equipment
2) Be able to create a working emergency action and fire prevention plan

Chapter 9 – Hazard Communication

Learning Objectives:

1) Identify employer responsibilities towards reducing workplace hazards
2) Be familiar with the information provided in Safety Data Sheets

Chapter 10 – Tool Safety

Learning Objectives:

1) Describe the hazards surrounding the use of hand and power tools
2) List the important safety tips associated with Powder-Actuated Tools
3) Explain the basic procedures for safe jack handling

Chapter 11 – Materials Handling

Learning Objective:

1) Identify, avoid, and control hazardous materials through proper handling, storage, use and disposal

Final Assessment–30 Multiple choice questions

This educational offering is recognized by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry as satisfying seven (7) hours of credit toward Residential Building Contractor continuing education requirements.

We are proud to present an online study course that will prepare you to take the Roofing exam for the State of Minnesota.  This course is designed specifically for the State of Minnesota and is continually reviewed and updated so you always have the most up-to-date information available.

You are required to pass the Business and Law exam regardless of which license you are seeking. The cost of the exam is $51 per session.

Once you purchase the course, you have immediate access and can come and go as you please. The course is not timed and can be taken from any computer or mobile device. All of our programs are builder-friendly, easy to use and come with a money back guarantee.

100% Money Back Guarantee

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Beginning Jan. 2, 2013, the prelicensing exam will be administered by DLI. There are no prerequisite experience or educational requirements to take the residential building contractor, remodelers, or the Roofers exam. You can apply online or submit an application to CCLD (PDF) along with the required $51 exam application fee. The exam is offered at DLI’s offices in St. Paul as well as sites in Duluth, St. Cloud, Detroit Lakes, Granite Falls and Owatonna. View dates and locations.

After passing the exam you must apply to the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry.

Course instructors will be available by email or telephone between 8am and 6pm Eastern Standard Time. They will assist you with questions regarding course content.

If you have any questions, please call us at 1-800-727-7104 or send an email to Email responses will usually be returned promptly, but guaranteed within one business day.

Student policies and procedures are always available by going to and scrolling to the bottom of the page (See Attendance, Privacy and Refund Policy).

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