Code Official Business of Building | Michigan Approval #CP-18-00216


6 Administration Hours | Online HD Video Course | Instructor:  Scott Corbat
Gain an understanding of the Code of Conduct and your responsibilities as a business owner and how to maneuver through new business startup stages.  This course fulfills 6 hours for Building Inspectors, Building Officials, and Plan Reviewers.

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Business of Building

Course Description

This six hour course focuses on the primary responsibilities of running a successful contracting business according to the rules and regulations surrounding the industry.  This especially includes statutory regulations regarding qualifications, standards of practice and licensing requirements. This course will review the fundamentals of business practice for building professionals in Michigan. This course applies 6-Hours towards Administrative credit.

Licensing (80 Minutes)

1. Branches
2. Board and Duties
3. Fees and Expiration
4. Complaints and Hearings
5. Disputes and Violations
6. Continuing Education and Qualifiers
7. Application and Arbitration
8. Enforcement Fund

Assessment: 5 questions

Lien Law (50 Minutes)

1. Notices
2. Sworn Statements
3. Waivers
4. Enforcement

Assessment: 5 questions

Business Organization (20 Minutes)

1.  Types

Assessment: 5 questions

Finance (60 Minutes)

1.  Forecasts
2.  Accounting

Assessment: 5 questions

Taxes (15 Minutes)

1.  Withholding

Assessment: 5 questions

Labor Law (30 Minutes)

1.  Minors
2.  Disabilities

Assessment: 5 questions

Fair Housing (15 Minutes)

1.  General Information

Assessment: 5 questions

Estimating (30 Minutes)

1.  Bids
2.  Change Orders

Assessment: 5 questions

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