2015 Michigan Uniform Energy Code | Michigan

3 Hour Text Course 
The new Michigan Energy Code reflects several changes with the purpose of conserving energy through improved efficiency.  It sets the baseline for the building envelope, systems, and equipment.




Instructor:  J. MacDowell

The new code reflects several changes in energy efficiency for the Michigan Energy Code. Generally, the purpose of these changes is to conserve energy through improved efficiency in envelope design, mechanical systems, lighting, and new materials and techniques. It sets the baseline for the building envelope, systems, and equipment.

This Course Covers:


  • Application
  • Scope and General Requirements
  • Alternative Materials
  • Construction Documents
  • Inspections
  • Definitions
  • Climate Zones and Design Conditions
  • Materials, Systems, and Equipment



  • Building Thermal Envelope
  • Simulated Performance Alternative
  • General Information – Insulation, duct design, window selection, lighting, HVAC


  • General
  • Building Thermal Envelope
  • Building Mechanical Systems
  • Service Water Heating
  • Electrical Power and Lighting Systems
  • Total Building Performance
  • System Commissioning


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