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Fully Narrated | Instructor: J. MacDowell
This course will prepare you for the Home Improvement Contractor and Salesperson licensing exam. This license includes subcontractor and salesperson licensing. It is not necessary to get all three.

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Maryland Home Improvement Contractor 


Course Description

This course is intended as a study guide for preparing to take the Maryland Home Improvement exam administered by PSI. Following the content outline provided, the course is divided into eleven sequential units: Home Improvement Law, Door-to-Door Sales Act, Bidding and Estimating, Employee Management, Lien Law, Jobsite Safety and Environmental Factors, Business Structure, Managing Risk, Scheduling and Project Management, Financial Management and Taxes.

Home Improvement Contractor Study Course

Maryland Home Improvement Law


Licensing and Disciplinary Actions
Guaranty Fund
Home Improvement Contracts
Prohibited Acts and Penalties
Mold Remediation
Chapter 01-6 General Regulations

Door-to-Door Sales Act

MD House Bill 439 Changes 
Unlawful Practices
Notice of Cancellation

Bidding and Estimating

Bid Documents
Estimate Planning
Process of Estimating
Methods of Estimating
Common Errors
Submitting the Bid
Job Cost Recording
Making a Profit

Employee Management

Hiring Employees
New Hire Reporting
Employee Documentation
Employment Laws
Immigration and Nationality Act
Employer Obligations: Workman’s Compensation, Unemployment Insurance
Employee Relationships

MD Mechanic’s Lien Law

Notice to Owner
Filing a Lien Claim
Time Line for Lien Foreclosure

Jobsite Safety and Environmental Factors

Safety and Health Programs
Safety Equipment and Conditions
Emergency Action Plan
Hazardous and Toxic Substances
Employee Rights
Inspections and Penalties
Environmental Issues
Environmental Laws
Sedimentation and Erosion Control
Land Quality Regulations
Lead Based Paint

Business Structure

Business Entities

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnerships
  • Corporations
  • LLCs

Naming the Business
Maryland Department of Assessment and Taxation

Managing Risk

Insurance Types
Employment Insurance
Surety Bonds
Federal Construction Projects

Scheduling and Project Management

Project Schedule
Cash Flow
Project Management
Project Life Cycle
Daily Reports
Budget and Cost Controls
Quality Control
Value Engineering

Financial Management

Accounting Cycle
Financial Ratios and Trend Analysis
Methods of Accounting
Equipment Records


Federal Business Taxes
Federal Employment Taxes
1099 Reporting
MD Business Taxes and Reporting Requirements

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