Construction Math Basics | Massachusetts Approval #CS-3207


4 Credit Hours | Online Video Course | Instructor:  Josh Francis
This online course provides an interactive, hands-on approach to understanding the basic math formulas and problems encountered in the course of daily construction activities.

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Construction Math Basics
Builders License Training Institute
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Course Description

This four hour online course is a review of the key concepts of construction math that every builder should understand. Starting with calculator basics, this video course covers basic math formulas and conversions, followed by multiple sample problems that most contractors are likely to encounter on the job.

Calculator Basics

*Learning Objective: 1)  Be able to confidently operate a basic calculator using the various function keys.

A.  Calculator Ability
B.  Percent Key
C.  Memory Function
D.  Square Root Function

Construction Math

*Learning Objective:  1)  Use basic formulas and conversions to determine the correct amount of material needed for typical construction jobs.

A.  Excavation Problem
B.  Concrete Estimation
C.  Mortar Quantity
D.  Block Laying
E.  Post Layout
F.  Framing
G.  Stairs
H.  Decks
I.  Siding
J.  Windows
K.  Board Feet
L.  Paint Quantity
M.  Flooring