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Unrestricted Construction Supervisor | Massachusetts

6 Required Hour Audio Course
Approval #CS-016801

This course provides Unrestricted Construction Supervisors with the required 4 hrs of code review from the 2015 IBC and the 780 CMR, 1 hr Workplace Safety and 1 hr Energy Efficiency.

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Instructor: J MacDowell

This six hour continuing education course provides MA Unrestricted Construction Supervisors with the required four hours of code review; including Commercial/Base Code, Interior Environment, and Fire Protection code highlights from the 2015 IBC and the 780 CMR Basic/Commercial Ninth Edition. Additionally, one hour each of required Workplace Safety and Energy Efficiency are covered.

This Course Covers:

  • 2015 IBC/780 CMR Base Code (Code Highlights with Massachusetts Amendments)
  • ​Interior Environment IRC/780 CMR (35 minutes)
  • Fire Protection IBC/780 CMR (25 minutes)
  • Energy Efficiency (2015 IECC with Amendments)
  • Workplace Safety
  • Final Assessment – 20 Questions

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