Restricted Construction Supervisor | Massachusetts

6 Required Hour Audio Course
Approval #CS-012204

This course provides Restricted Construction Supervisors with 4 hrs of code review from the 2015 IRC, IECC, and the 780 CMR 51.00, 1 hr Workplace Safety and 1 hr Energy Efficiency.



Instructor: J MacDowell

This fully narrated six hour continuing education course provides MA Restricted Construction Supervisors with the required four hours of code review; including Residential Code, Administrative Responsibilities, Interior Environment, and Fire Protection code highlights from the 2015 IRC, IECC, and the 780 CMR 51.00 Ninth Edition. Additionally, one hour each of required Workplace Safety and Energy Efficiency are covered.

This Course Covers:

  • 2015 IRC/780 CMR 51.00 Residential Code (Code Highlights with Massachusetts Amendments)
  • Administrative Responsibilities 780 CMR (25 minutes)
  • Interior Environment IRC/780 CMR (15 minutes)
  • Fire Protection IRC/780 CMR (30 minutes)
  • Energy Efficiency (2015 IECC with Amendments)
  • Workplace Safety
  • Final Assessment – 20 Questions


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