Renewable Energy CE | Georgia

3 Building & Related Codes Hour Video & Text Course 
Explore the benefits of solar and wind energy and practical solutions that add to the efficiency of a building and giving you an edge in this growing market.



Instructor:  Roger Peck

Renewable energy is contributing more and more to the world’s ever-rising energy demands. Wind and solar energy generation systems are about to reach the level of affordability that will allow them to be considered equal to conventional power generation systems like fossil fuel plants and hydro-electric dams.  Contractors should know what products are on the market, and what rebates and incentives are available for their customers who want to take advantage of energy efficient resources and components.  Students successfully completing this three-hour course will gain confidence in their ability to provide valuable information to their customers regarding renewable energy options.

This Course Covers:

  • History
  • Products and Components
  • Sources of Energy Production
  • Offshore and Onshore Production:  Pros and Cons
  • Distributed wind power
  • Automation and Safety Factors
  • Grants and Incentives
  • Residential and Small Business Wind Generation
  • Solar Energy:  Passive/Active
  • Solar Photo Voltaic
  • Industry Acronyms and Terms
  • Residential and Small Business Solar Use
  • Rebates and Incentives
  • Small Business Systems
  • Residential Use
  • Solar Pros and Cons
  • Structural Considerations
  • Installation and Mounting Considerations
  • Solar Harvesting
  • Solar Power Plants
  • Industry Acronyms and Terms


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