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8 Business Hours | Video Course 
In this course we take an in-depth look at the responsibilities of a project manager.  Study proven methods experienced contractors and builders use to effectively manage all aspects of a building project in Michigan.

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Instructor:  Scott Corbat



This eight-hour course focuses on the primary responsibilities of a project manager: managing project costs and time while completing the project to the expected degree of quality. This requires close attention to detail before beginning actual construction, as well as during the project. Taking proactive measures will help the project manager determine possible obstacles before they occur. This course will analyze all three primary areas. The student will learn how to implement proven methods to manage most effectively.



LESSON 1 (18 minutes)

  • Necessary Steps for Developing a Project Budget
  • Primary Objectives of a Project Manager
  • Benefits of Cost Management
  • Creating a List of Projected Costs for a Project
  • Understanding a Fixed Price Agreement

LESSON 2 (42 minutes)

  • Steps in Developing a Project Budget
  • Describing What Costs Fall into Project and Company Overhead Categories
  • Contingency Costs
  • Correctly Calculating Profit Margin

LESSON 3 (21 minutes)

  • Difference Between Wage and Profit for Your Company
  • Negotiating and Documenting Schedule of Payments
  • Change Orders

LESSON 4 (32 minutes)

  • Job Cost Accounting
  • Primary Functions of Procurement
  • Understanding and Calculating Common Supplier Discounts

LESSON 5 (30 minutes)

  • Costs for Usage of Small and Large Equipment on Projects
  • Employee Bonus System
  • Price per Square Foot

LESSON 6 (34 minutes)

  • Cost Overruns
  • Advantages of Computers in Cost Accounting
  • Calculating Profit Margins When Cost Overruns Occur

LESSON 7 (27 minutes)

  • Different Types of Construction Loans
  • Title Requirements for Loans
  • Understanding Loan-to-Value Ratios

LESSON 8 (30 minutes)

  • Loan Applications
  • Process and Steps of Construction Loans
  • Commingling of Funds

LESSON 9 (26 minutes)

  • Elements of Creating a Project Schedule
  • Selecting Subcontractors
  • Estimating Contingency Time
  • Relationships with Subcontractors

LESSON 10 (22 minutes)

  • Critical Path
  • Project Data
  • Advantages of Using Computers for Time Management

LESSON 11 (25 minutes)

  • Importance of Quality Control
  • Finding Subcontractors
  • Bid Specifications

LESSON 12 (30 minutes)

  • Knowledge of Tasks
  • Log Books
  • Dos and Don'ts of a Project Manager
  • Certified Installers

LESSON 13 (27 minutes)

  • Soil Erosion
  • Contractor Responsibilities Associated with Erosion Control


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